How we work

What our consultants will do for you

ICS follow a series of clearly defined steps in developing or preparing you Management system for certification.

The steps typically include the following:

  • Introductory Visit/Preliminary Quote: First of all, one of our experienced consultants will conduct a brief initial overview of your system to identify both strengths and gaps and what is still required to be implemented or developed for the system to meet your needs or the requirements of the chosen Standard. A preliminary quote is produced based on this information.
  • Document Review: Upon commencement, your consultant will review all the relevant documentation (if any) and the system you have in place in more detail and prioritise the elements of your project according to risk and business efficiency considerations.
  • Schedule: Based on this review, the consultant will then schedule all work required and make a time to go through this with you. The initial proposal can then be fine-tuned based on the information gathered and/ or your unique needs.
  • System design: All relevant processes will be mapped out in discussion with Management and staff over a series of visits throughout the time period to identify areas which can be improved and to form the basis for the documentation required to be created.
  • Business Improvement Suggestions: We will make business improvement suggestions throughout the development process, based on our extensive experience across a broad range of industries.
  • Develop documentation: The consultant will assist you to develop any documentation that is required: Business plans and objectives, Manuals, Policies, process flow charts, procedures, forms etc.
  • Resources: Our consultants may also offer resources to improve the control and management of your documented system if required e.g. easy-to-use non-conformance databases, meeting minute templates etc.
  • Training: Training will be provided as required to all staff to familiarize them with the system, its benefits, requirements and how to use it.
  • External audit preparation and follow up: The system and relevant staff are then prepared for the external audit if required. Our consultant can negotiate with the external body on your behalf and represent you on the day of the audit if desired. We will then document any follow up issues and work out resolution of these with you.
  • System Maintenance: We also provide ongoing support with:
    • Your internal and supplier audits and other system maintenance
    • Ensuring your management system continues to meet your expectations and the requirements of the relevant standard or code
    • Helping you develop and amend your system as your company’s needs change.
    • Ongoing preparation for external audits if required

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