Who we are


Integrated Compliance Solutions is a relatively new company, formed by a group of highly skilled and experienced people who have all worked in either management or consultancy for at least ten years. The Integrated Compliance Solutions team came together from diverse backgrounds including educators, business professionals, engineers, technologists and scientists. Click here to read about our experienced team.

Our Philosophy

At ICS we aim to be highly responsive to our clients’ needs and to provide great personalised customer service which is at all times a credit to our company.

With a huge network of high calibre consultants at our disposal we will find the right person to match your needs. We are not fault finders – we are “strength finders and value adders”.

Our consultants know that you don’t want to start from scratch with a “bolt-on” Management System. We assess your system’s strengths and weaknesses thoroughly before we begin and devise solutions which are build on the existing strengths of your system.

ICS consultants make sure that any changes to your system are thoroughly integrated throughout your organisation through our excellent training programs. We treat our employees well and reward excellence.

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