Contractor Prequalification Schemes – Discover the hidden advantages for your SME

Contractor prequalification is a relatively new phenomenon in Australia. As a result many are not yet aware of it or how to take advantage of the substantial opportunities it may provide to the savvy small business contractor.

To complicate matters, there are a number of players in the market- both local and international- including PICS (PICS Auditing), Greencap (Formerly CM3), iPro Live, Rapid Induct and Pegasus, to name a few. And more are entering the industry all the time. How to make sense of it all?

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What you need to know about the Victorian Government’s market approach templates

Today we welcome Deirdre Diamante, Principal of MIA Consulting Services, to outline some of the features of the recently updated suite of government tender documents.

It’s a fact of business that even with the best price or capability, unless you tender well and demonstrate your capabilities to government you may not win the tender. This means that suppliers should be familiar with the government’s tender documents, and any updates to these.

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Teaching an old ERP new tricks

Turning legacy systems into modern enterprise collaboration applications.

Many organisations feel unable to serve changing business needs like better collaboration, internet enabled anywhere access and mobility with their legacy ERP systems.

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