Australian businesses may need to transition to the new OHS standard ISO45001

In 2015, two of the most implemented ISO standards (ISO9001 and ISO14001) were updated to significantly new and uniform versions. In 2016 OHS standards are undergoing the same transformation. With this change, OHSAS18001 (and likely AS4801) safety management systems will need to be certified to a new Standard: ISO45001. Over 70 countries have been involved … Read more

The alternative to butting heads in business

mediation contractsWhen innovation meets convention in business contracts, the fur can sometimes fly. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Today we welcome David Watt, Senior Consultant at Mia, to discuss the concept of mediation as a form of Alternative Dispue Resolution.

There is a real buzz around the ICT sector at the moment regarding a renewed conversation on innovation – whether surrounding business models, technology, or collaboration, funding and digital business.

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Ewaste Industry Shakeup

The implication of the new arrangement is that any company not certified to AS 5377 will not be able to compete for contracts for TV and computer ewaste processing under the umbrella of the co-regulatory scheme.

Companies who are involved with the storage, transport or recycling of e-waste need to be certified to AS 5377 by June 2016, however they only need to be certified against the section which applies to the work they do. For example, if a company only transports e-waste, it will only need to be certified against that section.

AS 5377 is a technical standard which, unlike ISO 9001 and other management system standards, is highly prescriptive in terms of requirements for compliance.

The Opportunity of Exporting to China

exporting to china -compliance requirements help- ICS

Since signing the China Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) in Canberra on 17 June 2015, many Australian companies are considering exporting to China for the first time.

The agreement takes effect from 1 January 2016 and many have predicted this will represent a major boost for the Australian economy, as China is our biggest trading partner.

It is especially significant for industries such as agriculture which have been disadvantaged in the past because they have had to compete for trade against nations who have had a Foreign Trader Agreement in place.

What does it mean for your business?

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PICS Global Supply Chain Management System is now in Australia and growing rapidly

In a recent post we discussed contractor prequalification.  One of the problems we identified was the struggle for companies to monitor and manage their supply chains and take care of the contractor screening process. This has led to the emergence of Contractor management systems which help companies monitor and manage their supply chains.

One of the biggest of these is PICS (, which is a global business which now has a presence in Australia.

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Do tender practices differ across government jurisdictions?

Today we welcome Deirdre Diamante, Principal of MIA, to outline some of the features of the recently updated suite of government tender documents.

If you are experienced in tendering for one government jurisdiction then you will have the skills needed to tender effectively for other governments. While there are some key differences in how different governments tender, there are many more similarities.

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