What is GECA? (Good Environmental Choice Australia)

GECA Good Environmental Choice Australia

With the increased interest by businesses in choosing environmentally sound products that are sustainable and won’t harm the earth, GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) has developed a certification process that allows consumers to readily determine which products are safe for the environment.

Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) helps consumers identify which products are environmentally preferable so they can select sustainable products which won’t harm the earth.

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How to ensure your ISO certification is “done right” to achieve real business value

ISO certification real business value

Your first thoughts about commencing the ISO certification process may be that it is very difficult and daunting and of dubious value to your business (except to win the tender/ get the certificate of course).  While this can often be the case if the process is poorly planned and understood there is no reason why it should be if you understand a few simple principles.

Last week, while preparing this topic, I stumbled upon an excellent article titled “ISO 9001 Done Right! Leveraging ISO 9001 to Achieve Real Business Value” – which turns out to be a great (if rather long) compilation of many of the tips I routinely give to prospects and clients to get their ISO project off to the right start and squeeze the maximum value out of it.

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Our most commonly asked questions….

Should we go ahead with ISO certification or not? Should we add more standards to our existing certification?

We will not attempt to persuade you to achieve certification if we feel it’s not in your business’s best interests. And that’s a promise. Talk with us; we can help you decide whether your company has the maturity, resources and real need for certification or if additional certifications are going to produce the ROI to be justified. . Certification is not for everyone. Small businesses should not be put off, however. A really small and uncomplicated system that simply describes what you do now, can be enough to gain your company certification. And once you have it, it will open doors towards better sales, bigger contracts and helping your business to be more competitive. We specialise in INTEGRATING additional standards to your existing system.

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