9 Essential tips to protect your small business from information security threats

Last week we spoke of why small business owners should be concerned about information security.

Just take a look at these statistics from a recent Symantec survey of security issues affecting companies around the globe during 2012:

• On average, Australian and US companies had data breaches that resulted in the greatest number of exposed or compromised records
• German companies were most likely to experience a malicious or criminal attack, followed by Australian and Japanese companies.
• At an average of 34,249, Australian companies have the highest number of breached records.

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Should You Be Concerned About Information Security?

In 2002, an ABS survey showed that 82% of Australian Businesses used computers. Fast forward to 2014 and the results are undoubtedly much higher than this. Add to that the number of organisations who have an internet connection (91.2% in 2010/11) and those with an internet presence (43.1% in 2010/2011) and the numbers start to crystallise before your very eyes.

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Leveraging Your Time: The Top 10 Ways Small Business Owners Can Get More Time In A Day

You glance up at the clock and wonder where the time has gone and then you realise that you did not achieve as much in your day as you would have hoped. This is a common scenario for small business owners. We wish we had more hours in the day to accomplish our workload; however the good news is that we do. Here are our top 10 ways we have found we can get more time in our day.

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