What is PICS?

PICS is a global pwhat is PICSrovider of services to organisations that engage contractors and suppliers.

PICS is a safety-based company that assists organisations develop and maintain a web based prequalification system for managing contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers.

The PICS solution includes the following:

  • Prequalification
  • Compliance data in regards to WHS, Environment, Quality
  • Finance verification of contractors and/or suppliers
  • On site verification audits
  • Induction
  • Insurance verification
  • Real time information
  • Accessible on all mobile devices
  • 24 hour support
  • Qualified occupational health and safety professionals
  • The ability to locate contractors/suppliers in your area both locally and globally
  • Ability to contact/source new contractors/suppliers both locally and globally
  • Ability to communicate and consult with contractors
  • Create reports relevant to your organisation
  • Integrate with your organisations other IT solutions including your procurement system, Property Maintenance systems, induction, site access cards etc.

PICS aims to simplify the prequalification process through helping companies to create a safe and sustainable prequalification program for their contractors, vendors and suppliers using a simple, online system.

Benefits to Organisations

According to PICS, their prequalification service benefits organisations in the following ways:

  1. Enables organisations to select and engage contractors/suppliers who are able to demonstrate their commitment and capability in regards to WHS and the Environment.
  2. Enables organisations to select and engage contractors/suppliers who can demonstrate their financial capabilities
  3. Provides assurance that organisation’s contractors and suppliers have “living and breathing” systems.
  4. Assists organisations in demonstrating their legislative “duty of care”
  5. Enables organisations to communicate with their contractors, for example, informing their contractors of a specific site hazard or a new process at one of your client’s sites.
  6. Enables three critical parties to work together – the organisation, the contractor/supplier and the PICS Customer Care team.
  7. Enables organisations to organise, centralise, and report on contractors’ data and documents.
  8. Tailored to organisation’s prequalification requirements.
  9. Dedicated Account Management team

Potential Benefits to Contractors and Suppliers

  1. Dedicated PICS Customer Care team member
  2. Provision of feedback on their systems by a Qualified specialist
  3. Online management of their insurances, trade certificates, and other relevant documents
  4. Exposure to numerous organisations throughout Australia, New Zealand and globally
  5. Cost effective solution for demonstrating their capabilities
  6. One web site to manage prequalification, induction, and any other relevant activities
  7. Ability to access the PICS solution on all mobile devices

Ability to complete their induction prior to arriving at a client’s site, which means they        can focus on getting their work completed.

The different types of PICS services

(from the PICS website www.picsauditing.com/au)


Due the diversity of the types of contractors organisation’s engage, PICS AuditGUARD module enables organisations to determine the depth of a contractor audit through a progressive suite of specifications. Building on the data captured at prequalification (DocuGUARD) stage above, an audit is conducted of contractor’s safety documentation against their full set of capabilities.  The contactors upload evidence that procedures are being followed.  PICS Auditors review the documentation to ensure the contractors systems are “living and breathing”.

PICS will work with organisations to define which audit level is appropriate for each group of contractors– noting that DocuGUARD alone is often sufficient for lower risk contractors and suppliers.

Please note that PICS is also capable of conducting Site Audits of contractors.   


With EmployeeGUARD you are given instant access to employee qualifications. PICS gathers and verifies critical employee data and delivers it to you in an easy-to-use, online format.


Development and delivery of a fully configured online prequalification process to defined groups of contractors and suppliers. Organisation’s define their content and their prequalification (PQF) compliance criteria. The PQF is maintained on an annual basis including the update of regulatory, statistical and performance data.

DocuGUARD captures the following Contractor/supplier information including;

  • Key contacts
  • Capabilities and locations (GPS)
  • Prequalification documentation
  • Client-specific requirements (APC policies, procedures or other specific questions)
  • Legal and Financial Information
  • Quality Systems and Registrations
  • WHS Management System information & documentation


InsureGuard delivers proactive management of insurance certificates. Configured to an organisation’s insurance requirements, PICS enables organisation’s contractors’ to upload their insurance certificates, which enables the PICS team to verify the insurance endorsements, expiry dates and limits.  The PICS system automatically notifies contractors of expiring certificates.

Which industries are most likely to need PICS?

  • Oil and gas
  • Transportation
  • Airline
  • Property/Facility Management
  • Mining
  • Any organisation that engages contractors/suppliers


Proactive contractors are joining PICS now

As a smart contractor, consider if joining PICS now could be an advantage – even if only in order to access all their services and their assistance in bringing your systems and qualifications up to scratch. According to PICS representatives, not only will you be making yourself available for as many jobs as possible, the end result of PICS prequalification is that you can be confident that you are compliant with other requirements outside of PICS. Remember, once you are ‘green-flagged’ for one client, you are 80% qualified to work for any client in PICS. That opens up a whole new range of work opportunities.

Early adopters will always have the advantage because they will be assessed, accredited and active long before the competition has become aware of what’s happening. Prove your capabilities and be noticed by the companies looking for what you offer.

Need more information about how PICS can work for you?

If you’d like more information about PICS contractor management and assessment system, please click here. Alternatively, for a no-obligation chat about contractor prequalification or any other compliance matter,  please give us a call on 1300 132 745.

NB Much of the information on this page was sourced from the PICS website: www.picsauditing.com/au