Virtual ISO 9001 Consultant

Virtual ISO 9001 consultant. The perfect small business solution for ISO 9001 certification.
If your business needs quality certification, you may be shaking in your boots about the high-cost consulting fees heading your way, along with all the time you’re going to spend doing the administration instead of making money.And in days gone by, you’d be right to be concerned. Obtaining an ISO 9001 certificate was a painful, expensive process… you could easily expect to spend $10k – $20k on a consultant, plus lots and lots of your time preparing for the sessions.
But not anymore…
At ICS, we do all the hard work for you.

More to the point, we’ve already done it. ISO certification has been around a long time, so too has virtual technology. There really isn’t any need for you to spend many time-consuming, expensive sessions with a consultant telling you what you need to do to get compliant.

Instead, you can take advantage of our wealth of established expertise… which we’ve jam packed into a state-of-the-art online virtual resource, for less than half of what a consultant would cost.

Whatever you need to know about certification. At your fingertips.

If you’ve got the skills to complete some basic administration tasks, then you are more than qualified to co-ordinate your own certification, following the user-friendly step-by-step modules in our “Virtual Consultant ISO 9001”.

Be ready for ISO Certification in 60 days or less!
With “Virtual Consultant ISO 9001”, in 60 days you could:
  • Have a customised, fully compliant quality management system.
  • Have the confidence to tick that “compliant?” box in tenders.
  • Have an edge against your competitors.
  • Have met the requirements for external certification.
  • Have more enquiries from customers who require quality certification.
How do I get ISO certified?
If your business needs ISO certification (and you do NOT want to spend in excess of $10k on a consultant) here’s a great way to go about it:
Choose “Virtual Consultant ISO 9001” for a fraction of the consultant-only cost.
Complete your tasks easily and at your convenience through “virtual” content… tutorial videos, audios, templates and worksheets.
Enjoy the advantage of 16+ hours of onsite consultant support and 8+ hours of phone or online support… with ultimate flexibility to “bank” your hours.
Guarantee there are no disruptions to your day-to-day business or inconveniences to your personal life… your “homework” gets done in bite sized chunks, when it suits you.
Achieve full compliance within 60 days or less… issue of your ISO Certificate of Compliance is FREE with “Virtual Consultant ISO 9001”.

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