Compliance Audits

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Compliance Audits

A Compliance Audit assesses how fully you comply with the key areas of any given standard, detailing any gaps in the same way that a certification body would.

At Integrated Compliance Solutions, we help mature businesses develop and maintain Management Systems that make use of what’s already working well. Our expert team not only know the standards but we also know business, and have experience in working across a number of Australian industries.

The types of Compliance Audits that our team can offer include:

  • ISO Compliance Audits: We conduct ISO Compliance Audits that assess how fully you comply with the key areas of your chosen standard and detailing any gaps. Once you have closed any gaps found during the audit, we issue you with an ISO certificate of compliance as evidence.
  • ISO Gap Analysis: A Gap Analysis assesses how well you comply with any given standard and details the gaps that should be work on. It will also outline what you need to fill the gaps with and provides an action plan and adds value in terms of improvement suggestions. For example, an ISO 2015 gap analysis identifies anything you need to do in order to be eligible for certification to the new Quality and Environmental standards.
  • Internal Audits: We can carry out Internal Audits on a Quality Management system or conduct a Quality Audit on a Supplier. Our Audit can answer some of the following questions. Are you meeting the Standard Requirements to pass your next external audit? Are there any unidentified hazards? Is risk being managed effectively? Are controls effective? Is the management system complete, established and effective? Do products conform to any required specifications?

We have helped hundreds of businesses across Australia with Compliance Audits for a range of standards including ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environmental), ISO 45001 (new OHS standard), TS 16949 (Quality- Automotive), ISO 13485 (Quality- medical devices), ISO 26000 (Corporate Social Responsibility), ISO 27001 (Information security) and AS 9100 (Aerospace).

Benefits of Conducting a Compliance Audit

There are a number of reasons that companies opt for a Compliance Audit.If your business systems are almost there in terms of compliance, it can be a good way to identify and fill gaps quickly to achieve your certificate. Furthermore, for a small time and money investment, a compliance audit can provide you with necessary evidence for a tender or customer that your system meets their requirements.

Some of the other benefits of getting an audit done by a consultant include:

  • Saving Employee Time and Resources: With years of experience in conducting audits, specialists will be able to audit your whole system in a fraction of the time your company would take.
  • Reducing Costs: By using a consultant, you can reduce your business’ investment required in training staff.
  • Independence: External consultants can look at your system independently and from a fresh perspective to identify any gaps in your system without getting involved in company politics.
  • Recommendations: As an expert in the field, your consultant can assist you in documenting a range of suggestions for whole business improvement that you can follow step by step.

How ICS Consultants can Help You with Your Quality, Safety and Environmental Management Systems

At Integrated Compliance Solutions, we specialise in helping businesses develop and maintain lean, practical Quality Management Systems that meet both their needs and their budget.

From our experience in helping hundreds of clients with their certification, we know how to deliver an effective Audit that will be of most benefit to your business.Our Audits comprise the following deliverables:

  • Gap Assessment Matrix: Visually outlining the level of compliance against each clause of the standard
  • Summary Report: Combining the key findings of the Audit, such as strengths, weaknesses and the steps for moving forward
  • Understanding: Our consultants will ensure you understand the requirements of the standard and how to meet them in the most simple, practical and cost-effective ways so that they do not distract from the running of the business.

If your business is considering conducting a Compliance Audit on your current Quality Management System, get in touch with us today.Our consultants can assist you with a range of services for meeting your compliance requirements, while you ensure your business can continue to grow and achieve its goals.


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