A gap assessment done by a qualified consultant can take the guesswork out of ISO certification and compliance. For a minimal fee you can have a clear idea about how compliant your business is to meet ISO standards. There are a number of gap assessments available, so do your homework and choose the one to best suit your organisation and circumstances.

  • How close am I to getting ISO certification?

    It is a relatively simple process to find out how close your company already is to being ISO compliant and ready for your external audit.

    It is obviously important to know the answer to this question because either way, this will be a key input into your decision of whether or not to go ahead with becoming ISO compliant or getting ISO certification.

    On one hand, many clients are pleasantly surprised to find that they already have many of the requirements in place. Where this is the case, it is almost always advisable to have a full gap assessment done by a qualified consultant with a step-by-step action plan so that you can quickly and easily fill the gaps (with or without the consultants help).

    On the other hand, you may find that you are nowhere near being ISO compliant since your current policies and procedures are not the ones required by the ISO standards. You are then in a position to assess the cost of getting the system set up from scratch and to determine whether it is worth the time and effort.

    Unless you know that you have virtually nothing in place, it is almost always worth getting some kind of gap assessment done by a qualified consultant.

    At ICS we have three levels of gap assessment:

    1. The mini gap assessment for clients who are relatively sure that they have very little in place and just want a general idea of their compliance and how much system development will cost

    2. A standard gap assessment which assesses businesses against all the clauses of the standard and indicates where there are gaps

    3. The premium gap assessment, a very valuable tool for the DIY client, which details a step-by-step action plan to take the business from where they currently are to reaching ISO compliance

    Our mini gap assessment takes approximately 30 minutes and, for a very minimal cost, can give you a clear idea about how compliant your business is to meet ISO standards. For a free no obligation chat about how close your business is to being ISO compliant, call us now on 1300 132 745 or contact us at our website.