ISO certification or compliance can be confusing to many organisations. The question about whether or not to get certification is a common one and should be justified on the return of investment you are likely to make as it can be a costly expense to establish and maintain. Here are four questions to ask yourself to help you understand whether or not certification is right for your organisation.

  • Should I get certification?

    As a major investment of time and effort, the choice to embark on an ISO certification project, like any business decision, should really be justified on the basis of what kind of return on investment you are
    likely to make.

    1. How likely are you to win the tender for which you are getting certification for and if you do, will the returns more than pay for the ongoing cost of certification?


    2. How much difference is certification going to make to your competitiveness for tenders in the future?

    3. How many people in your industry are already certified? If it’s none, then that may either be an opportunity or a warning. If no one is certified, maybe your customers aren’t all that interested in certification. Do your research. Ask your customers if this matters to them. Ask prospects if certification would sway them to use your services instead of that of your competitors. What sort of certification matters in your industry: quality, OHS, environmental, or another?

    4. And most importantly, what sort of management system is going to add the most benefit to YOUR operation in the long run. This crucial and often overlooked factor needs to be the driving force of your ISO project as it will build strong foundations for future growth and have a positive effect beyond just the next tender or contract.

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