There are several reasons why a business owner or organisation may consider getting ISO certification or opt for compliance as an alternative. Here we take a lighthearted approach to ascertain which of these choices may benefit your organisation in the long term.

  • Should I get ISO certification – a lighthearted approach?

    There are several reasons why business owners and organisations consider getting ISO certification.

    Let’s do a questionnaire to see how you measure up and to ascertain whether certification may work for your business.

    Start with 10 points.

    1. What is your main reason for wanting to get ISO certification?

      If it’s mainly for marketing purposes = minus 3 points

    2. Are you a start-up business or a very small business?

      For each yes = minus one point

    3. Is your customer, parent company or a tender requesting you to have externally or independently certified management systems?

      If yes = plus three points

    4. Do you have someone internally who has the time and expertise to help you set up your ISO system?

      If yes = plus one point

      If no = minus one point

    5. Are you interested in the business benefits which can be gained from getting an ISO system put in place?

      If yes = plus three points

      If no = minus three points

    6. Are you very limited in time or money?

      If yes = minus three points

    7. Do you have significant peaks of work in your business which requires all staff to drop everything and deal with those projects for weeks at a time?

      If yes = minus one point

    8. Do you have top management commitment (of time, resources and money) to this project?

      If yes = plus three points

      If no = minus three points

    If you still have 10 points, it is probably a good idea!

    If not, seriously consider waiting a couple of years or going for DIY compliance gradually over the coming months or couple of years.

    If you have any more questions on certification or compliance, feel free to call us on 1300 132 745 or contact us via our website.