Would you believe us if we told you that new puppies and ISO certification projects have a lot in common? Both projects require research and considerable expense while at the same time creating disruption as well as an adjustment and settling in period. There is also the ongoing expense and discipline which needs to be taken into consideration. Failure to commit to either project will waste both money and time and fail to reap any rewards which might have arisen from the completed project.

  • The puppy analogy and the key to success in getting ISO certification.

    Even if you haven’t experienced it firsthand, you may have heard a story regarding a friend’s experience in purchasing a new puppy. Surprisingly, new puppies and ISO certification projects have a lot in common!

    Anyone who has gone to buy a puppy will tell you that it is worth doing some research to find the most appropriate breed and personality of dog.

    In our case we needed a puppy that didn’t need a lot of space; who was on the small side; who didn’t shed hair and who was good around children. Everybody’s situation is unique and without this research, you may end up with a completely inappropriate dog for your situation.

    New puppy owners will also tell you that there is considerable expense involved – often more than was originally realised – it all adds up.

    When the puppy first arrives there is disruption and adjustment; you have to commit to spending time on walks and training. But it doesn’t stop there.

    There is the ongoing expense of feeding, grooming and medical expenses.

    There is the ongoing discipline of training and walks as you try to fit the new activities into your busy schedule.

    Have I put you off the puppy idea yet?

    None of this would be worth it, of course, if there were no benefits. If the main reason you got a puppy was to impress your friends or because a friend told you it was the latest craze, you would soon lose your initial enthusiasm. You might even get close to a nervous breakdown when your puppy destroys your garden or chews your best shoes (and yes I am speaking from personal experience!).

    However, with a little preparation and knowledge, it doesn’t have to be this way. If you choose well, do your research and commit to treating the puppy well, it will eventually grow into a loyal and mature friend and companion and can even serve as a guard dog or an exercise buddy.

    If you don’t invest the time and effort, you can end up with a miserable dog that requires exercise, is unhealthy and ultimately unruly as a result. In fact, in some sad cases these puppies simply get neglected or even dumped. All that money, time, and potential benefit is then wasted.

    Believe it or not, the same principles apply to ISO certification!

    1. You need to put in some research to come up with a good solution and (if you are going to use a consultant and a certification body) a good provider to your business.

    2. You need to commit the time, resources and effort only then will you reap the reward of a system which continuously improves your business.

    3. That cared for system will become a bit like a guard dog to alert you to possible risks, a support for your staff and a foundation for future growth.

    4. On the other hand, if you don’t commit or fail to prepare, you may be overwhelmed by how much work is required and by how much the ISO certification project has gotten out of hand.

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