While knowledge of ISO systems is useful from an employee perspective, unfortunately it is not a sufficient building block on which to base a career as an ISO consultant. You will need to undertake a training course in your field of choice followed up with sufficient work experience as an auditor or consultant in order to be taken seriously by clients or consulting companies. Consider your options carefully and pay attention to growth areas in your particular field of interest.

  • What is the best way to become an ISO consultant?

    In order to be successful as an International Standards Organisation (ISO) consultant, it is important to have the correct qualifications. Experience with maintaining an ISO system as an employee is useful but unfortunately is not sufficient enough for a career as an ISO consultant.

    There are various courses you can undertake which are suitable depending on your level of current experience and your intended goal.

    1. If you know nothing at all about ISO there are demystifying courses.

    2. If you wish to set up management systems there is another training course for this.

    3. If you wish to be an internal or external auditor, you will need to complete a registered training course in this area.

    The challenge following any training you undertake is to get sufficient experience as an auditor or consultant in order to be taken seriously by clients or engaged by consulting companies such as ICS.

    The best way to gain experience is to offer your services to small businesses that require this level of service but cannot afford to pay a qualified consultant. Use your networks to identify companies that might benefit from your assistance but have ruled out this possibility due to lack of sufficient funds. Always ensure you get a testimonial as soon as you have completed the job and the client is satisfied.

    In the meantime, a reputable course will go a long way to being seriously considered as an ISO consultant.

    You also need to factor in your area of specialisation. Specialising in quality may only open up a limited market, therefore you may need to also specialise in environmental or OHS, or preferably all three. Alternatively consider other standards such as the information security standard or specialist standards in growth areas.

    Think carefully and research your options before you invest any money. The Google keyword tool can act as a good indicator as to commonly used search terms in regard to ISO in Australia. For example, at the time of writing, OHS is a particular growth area.

    Once you have your qualifications and some experience, then it’s time to contact other consultants and consulting companies and put yourself forward as a junior consultant.

    ICS is committed to supporting consultants in the ISO compliance sector. If you would like to be considered for a position within ICS, feel free to call us on 1300 132 745 or contact us via our website. We will be more than happy to discuss any suitable vacancies within our organisation.