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– What is an Eco Label

Eco Labelling

Ecolabelling is an internationally recognised form of environmental performance certification and labelling. An eco label proves that the product or service is produced sustainably and with reduced impact on the environment throughout its entire lifecycle.

Why is Eco Labelling important?

Ecolabelling helps consumers make a considered choice. The trend is towards environmentally friendly products but consumers are very aware that standard labelling can be misleading. Ecolabelling signifies that the product or service genuinely is the environmentally preferable choice.

How does an Eco Label give you the advantage over your competitors?

Ecolabelling positions your businesses at the forefront of the environmentally aware marketplace. It’s the stamp of credibility, making your products or services preferable to those of your competitors. Importantly, because the certification is recognised worldwide, your business is not limited to Australian shores.

What products qualify for eco labelling?

Virtually any product or service can be considered for ecolabelling. Everything from paints and cleaners to building materials and food products. No matter which industry you belong to, there will be an environmentally safe method of work and production.

Will eco labelling actually make a difference in the world?

It has already had an impact. By responding to consumer preferences, the marketplace has begun to focus on the more sustainable production and consumption. More and more products are now becoming green.

How can my products and services be GECA certified?

Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) runs Australia’s only transparent and independently audited multi-sector green certification program. The certification process begins when your company submits an application. GECA will then assess your products and processes and assessors will look for reduced environmental impacts across aspects their life cycle. Once your audit is complete and you have successfully met GECA standards, you will receive your certification.

How can ICS help you become certified?

Integrated Compliance Solutions (ICS) understands GECA requirements and can help you prepare your system to guarantee compliance AND successful ISO Certification. ICS streamlines the certification process for you.


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