Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) FAQs

– What’s the difference between GECA and Green Star

Awarded by the Green Building Council of Australia, Green Star is Australia’s mark of quality in the environmental design and construction of sustainable buildings and communities. GECA was the first organisation to be recognised by the Green Building Council of Australia for product certification schemes. GECA audits and assesses products and services against impact on the environment and sustainability.

Products and services which meet the exacting standards are awarded GECA’s Ecolabel, giving proof that they are a better choice for the environment.

Good Environmental Choice Australia follows the ISO 14024 standard which requires that products and services have reduced environmental impact throughout their entire life cycle.

GECA’s Ecolabelling indicates that the products are Green Star compliant, making it easy for designers and builders to make the right choice for their purposes.

What is ISO 14024?

ISO 14024 sets out the guidelines for developing programmes to assess the environmental attributes of a product. It specifies global best practice by which ecolabelling is assessed. That means that it sets an international criteria by which all products are measured, leading to worldwide consistency.

The standards set out three types of ecolabels:

  • Type I: a multi-attribute ecolabel developed by a third party
  • Type II: a single-attribute ecolabel developed by the producer themselves
  • Type III: an ecolabel based on a full life-cycle assessment

Type 1 has the most credibility because the assessment is conducted by an independent party.

Will GECA certified products help my Green Star rating?

They certainly will. Products that meet the Green Star performance criteria can contribute towards the points needed for Green Star certification.

The GECA site lists the standards which are recognised for Green Star:

  •  28-2010 v2.1 – ‘Furniture, Fittings & Foam’ – Level A recognition;
  •  50-2011 v2 – ‘Carpets’ – Level A recognition;
  •  25-2011 v2 – ‘Floor Coverings’ – Level A recognition;
  •  04-2011 v2 – ‘Panel Boards’ – Level A recognition;
  •  40-2008 v1.1 – ‘Hard Surfacing’ – Level A recognition;
  •  28-2006 Modified 2010 v2 – ‘Furniture and Fittings’ – Level B recognition

One closed GECA standard is recognised for Green Star:

  •  28-2010 v2 – ‘Furniture and Fittings’ – Level A recognition

How do my products become certified?

Integrated Compliance Solutions can prepare your system to guarantee ISO compliance and successful Certification by an external body. GECA Certification is a three step process.

  • First you make your application.
  • Next, your product and processes are independently audited against recommended standards.
  • Finally, the results are sent to Good Environmental Choice Australia for a final review. If you have been successful, your product or service will receive certification.


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