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Do you operate a business in the Security industry?

Are you missing out on tenders?

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Are you being held back from the growth you need?

Integrated Compliance Solutions – The Security Industry IMS Experts

At Integrated Compliance Solutions, we pride ourselves in providing simple, cost effective compliance solutions to those operating in the security sector. With extensive experience helping businesses implement integrated management systems, you can rely on our expert consultants to assist you in getting, and staying compliant.

When developing our comprehensive, industry specific compliance package we worked closely with regulatory authorities and peak industry bodies. By doing this, we were able to create compliance solutions that directly target the distinct needs of the security sector. With our management package, you can automate your tender, registration and licensing.

Our exclusive Security Industry Management Package:

  • Helps you achieve certification to relevant ISO standards;
  • Gets you certified in 60* days;
  • Gives you the ability to tender for government and commercial contracts;
  • Is fully customised, catering to your particular business needs;
  • Includes all standard operating procedures (SOPs) and legislative requirements;
  • Provides discounted rates on certification, so that your business can submit tenders sooner.

*Assumes prompt completion of tasks required for certification by client. 

Getting a Winning Edge over the Competition is Easier than you think

Our security industry management packages have been strategically designed to assist organisations in becoming compliant quickly and efficiently. By achieving compliance success, you can drastically improve your business’s capability to secure lucrative government and large corporate contracts. This is done through the demonstration of:

  • Your reporting and communication’s improved reliability and efficiency;
  • Your ongoing compliance with standard requirements and the systems used by your customers.

We Make Getting Compliant to Your Industry’s Required Standards Easy

If your business isn’t responsive to the growing demand for compliance integrity, you will likely be overshadowed by proactive competitors who have already adopted high-quality, systematic management systems.

At Integrated Compliance Solutions, our independent assessors provide prospects with unbiased assurance that you are dedicated to satisfying customers and delivering exceptional offerings. This can, in turn, help enhance customer’s confidence in your brand while also demonstrating your commitment to continually improving processes.

With our Security industry specific risk and compliance packages, you can:

  • Ensure quality, safety and excellence is being taken into account during the completion of all processes, organisation-wide;
  • Clearly define the requirements your employees need to meet. This includes their necessary skills and level of knowledge, as well as the organisational code of conduct with which they must comply;
  • Ensure you are adequately prepared for the unexpected;
  • Identify, manage and eliminate risks;
  • Achieve compliance with the regulatory standards for online domains.

Our Security Industry Compliance Packages include:

1. ISO 45001 – Safety

It isn’t uncommon for those in the security sector to complete work at various different sites, which makes having an effective health and safety management system in place all the more imperative. By becoming compliant with ISO 45001, you can ensure that you are proactively identifying and addressing potential risks. This protects your employees, while also helping you meet relevant legal requirements and reassure clients.

2. ISO 9001 – Quality

With ISO 9001 compliance, you can demonstrate your dedication to the continuous improvement of operations organisation-wide. Such advancement can, in turn, help your business reduce costs, build a strong leadership team and establish a clear customer focus.

Cloud-Based Security Management System – One Platform for all Your Security Industry Compliance Needs

Our experienced consultants are committed to helping you satisfy your compliance requirements and, if desired, surpass them. With expert guidance from our industry professionals and our hassle-free, cloud-based, systematic security management system package you can do just that.

  • ISO Compliant

Ensure that ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 45001 (Safety) standards are upheld in workflows and across all documentation.

  • Incident & Action System

Pre-designed incident resolution systems, with documents that detail actions, workflows, investigations and findings.

  • Risk Management

Enhance ability to manage operational risks efficiently, through the application of security-specific matrixes.

  • Audit, Inspection & Observation

The completion of thorough audits and inspections, with the techniques used tailored to the distinct context of those in the security sector. Documentation may include checklists, ratings and corrective actions.

  • Asset Management

The effective storage of plant and equipment, which involves ensuring that business assets are easy to access and regularly inspected.

  • Contractor, Employee & Supplier Management

Creating individual portals, which allow for contractors and suppliers to self-manage. Such technology will facilitate their ability to upload relevant documents, manage insurances and complete checklists online.

  • Training & e-Learning Management

Manage courses, initial and ongoing training needs, and introduce systems for inductions and competency assessments.

  • Meeting Management

Manage important information from meetings including, agendas, minutes and attendees. With a cloud-based system in place, you will then be able to directly assign tasks to team members.

  • Compliance Management

Manage compliance and legislative obligations, regularly monitoring progress and assessing the extent to which you satisfy requirements.

  • Mobile

Work offline on certain devices, including those that are compatible with Windows and iOS technology.

  • Business Intelligence

Introduce business intelligence systems, such as dashboards, that have been created to assist those in the security sector.

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If you are a business in the security sector with an interest in improving your compliance, get in touch with an experienced consultant from Integrated Compliance Solutions.

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