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Do you operate in the Traffic Management Industry?

Are you missing out on tenders?

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Integrated Compliance Solutions – The Traffic Management Industry IMS Experts

If you are a business operating within the traffic management sector, our consultants have the knowledge and expertise required to help you meet your compliance objectives. We deliver straightforward, cost-effective certification solutions you can rely on.

With our convenient paperless system and expert guidance, your company can improve processes organisation-wide and ensure you are meeting tender, registration, licensing, certification and legislative requirements. At Integrated Compliance Solutions, we can assist you in seamlessly integrating standards that will support the ongoing success of your business.

We offer an exclusive package for the Traffic Management Sector, which:

  • Helps you become certified in relevant ISO standards;
  • Gets you certified in 60* days;
  • Can be fully tailored to your distinct needs;
  • Makes you eligible for government and commercial contracts;
  • Covers all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and legislative requirements;
  • Reduces certain certification rates, so that you can submit tenders sooner.

*Assumes prompt completion of tasks required for certification by the client.

Getting a Winning Edge over the Competition is Easier than you think

Our compliance package has been designed for businesses in the traffic management industry, enhancing their capability to secure lucrative government and large corporate contracts. At Integrated Compliance Solutions, we understand the unique context of this sector and work cooperatively with your organisation to implement reliable systems that will last.

With our professional guidance, you can build compliance integrity quickly, while simultaneously:

  • Displaying your dedication to the environment, reducing risks, protecting the health and safety of your employees and quality management;
  • Improving your current reporting and communication systems which, in turn, can boost their reliability and efficiency;
  • Demonstrating that you satisfy the relevant compliance requirements and adhere to your customer’s systems.

We Make Getting Compliant to Your Industry’s Required Standards Easy

Compliance integrity is becoming increasingly important in the modern business landscape, so if your organisation is yet to adopt an integrated management system, now is the time.

For an organisation to achieve compliance, an independent assessor must first complete a comprehensive analysis of its’ management systems. The qualified individual will assess relevant business practices and determine whether they conform to the expectations outlined in the appropriate standard. Key considerations include whether the company displays a commitment to quality management and customer satisfaction, providing individuals with valuable assurance and enhancing consumer confidence.

With our industry-specific packages, those in the Traffic Management sector can:

  • Improve their standard of quality, safety and excellence organisation-wide;
  • Determine and clearly communicate the particular skills, knowledge and code of conduct that is required of your organisations’ members;
  • Ensure you are prepared for unexpected circumstances;
  • Identify risks and monitor them accordingly;
  • Instil a strong organisational culture;
  • Achieve compliance with regulatory standards while also developing integrated online systems that support the continued satisfaction of requirements.

Our Traffic Management Sector Compliance Packages Include:

1. ISO 45001 – Health and Safety

In the traffic management sector, employees and contractors are often expected to complete work in various locations. By becoming certified in ISO 45001, your organisation can ensure you have the appropriate management systems in place to manage and lower risks. Certification can help your business proactively prevent accidents, while also providing clients with expert assurance that your processes are suitable. In addition to this, you will be able to ensure you are meeting workplace health and safety regulatory requirements.

2. ISO 9001 – Quality

When implementing a quality management system, organisations will work continuously towards improving their current process. With ISO 9001 certification, businesses can reduce costs organisation-wide and build strong leadership teams, all the while demonstrating their enduring dedication to customer satisfaction.

Cloud-Based Traffic IMS – One Platform for all Your Traffic Management Industry Compliance Needs

At Integrated Compliance Solutions, our team deliver hassle-free, reliable packages that have been designed to help you reach your certification objectives.

  • ISO Compliant

Become fully compliant in ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 45001 (Health and Safety) across all organisational processes.

  • Incident & Action System

Integrate systems that proactively plan for how potential occurrences ought to be managed.

  • Risk Management

Using risk matrixes and the like to identify, monitor and eliminate preventable risks in the working environment.

  • Audit, Inspection & Observation

Regularly completing a traffic management-specific audit to ensure that operations continue to meet certification requirements.

  • Asset Management

Strategically storing plant and equipment registers in convenient locations to ensure that resources are easily accessible during day-to-day operations.

  • Contractor, Employee & Supplier Management

Create individual portals for contractors and employees, allowing them to self-manage and access relevant information.

  • Training & e-Learning Management

Ensure that employees complete the appropriate amount of training, as well as any required competency tests so that they are well equipped to perform their role.

  • Meeting Management

Manage meeting agendas, minutes and attendees while also ensuring that individuals are clearly assigned the tasks they are responsible for.

  • Compliance Management

Maintain compliance by managing relevant registers, such as those involving your legislative obligations and licence expiry dates.

  • Mobile

Allow for work to be completed offline on certain devices, for instance, those compatible with iOS and Android technology.

  • Business Intelligence

Integrating business intelligence systems, reports and dashboards that are designed for and specifically support the unique demands of the traffic management sector.

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At Integrated Compliance Solutions, our consultants are available Australia-wide to deliver reliable, comprehensive solutions you can rely on. For more information, or to discuss your compliance needs with an experienced professional, get in touch with our team today. Alternatively, to claim your free, no-obligation system appraisal and quote, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 1300 132 745.


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