Legislation Registers made easy

Legislation register
  • Are you struggling to identify the legislation that applies to your business?
  • Are you concerned about meeting your legislative requirements?
  • Did you receive a non-conformance against legislation at your last ISO external audit?

Let Integrated Compliance Solutions take the hard work out of developing a legislation register that helps you to manage the legislation relevant to your business.

Specialists in preparing businesses for certification and helping them keep it, we develop and amend OH&S and Environmental Legislation Registers for all Australian states.

What is a Legislation Register?

An Integrated Compliance Solutions Legislation Register:
  • Establishes all Australian OH&S and Environmental legislation that applies to your industry and business
  • Provides hyperlinks to all on-line legislation documentation
  • Documents the relevant legislation in a simple, user-friendly, personalised, editable register
  • Defines the state in which each piece of legislation applies
  • Details the last compliance date for each item
  • Details when the next review should occur
  • Documents the status of current compliance

How do we do it?

Using a simple checklist approach to analyse your business, Integrated Compliance Solutions can establish your legislation needs quickly and efficiently.  Completed on or off-site by one of our legislation specialists, our checklists make determining your relevant legislation easy.

Establishing only the legislation that applies to your industry, activities, risks and needs, our consultants develop a legislative compliance register as simple or comprehensive as your business requires.

Why use Integrated Compliance Solutions for your legislative compliance register?

Using industry experts and qualified legal support, Integrated Compliance Solutions removes the pain and administrative burden from establishing your Legal Register.

Bringing a no-fuss approach to documenting compliance, Integrated Compliance Solutions makes conformance easy with a total certification solution for your business.

Does your existing register need review?

Integrated Compliance Solutions offers a convenient quarterly Legislation Register Updates service.

Need help getting compliant to Legislation?

Our complete Legislation Compliance Audit can help.

Legislation Services Pricing

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