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– Developing A Legislation Register

Integrated Compliance Solutions Makes Legislation Registers Easy

At Integrated Compliance Solutions, we are specialists in compliance. We will help make developing a Legislation Register as easy as possible for your business.

Legislation non-conformance is commonly exposed by an external audit of a business’ ISO compliance. At Integrated Compliance Solutions, we will help you develop a Legislation Register that will ensure your business meets all the relevant legislative requirements.

Integrated Compliance Solutions offers a wide range of services relating to quality management system compliance. Integrated Compliance Solutions provides advice and support from start to finish.

How Integrated Compliance Solutions Takes the Hard Work Out of Developing a Legislation Register

  • Are you struggling to identify the legislation that applies to your business?
  • Are you concerned about meeting your legislative requirements?
  • Did you receive a non-conformance against legislation at your last ISO external audit?

Let Integrated Compliance Solutions take the hard work out of developing a legislation register that helps you to manage the legislation relevant to your business.

Integrated Compliance Solutions are specialists in preparing businesses for certification and helping them keep it. We develop and amend OH&S and Environmental Legislation Registers for all Australian states.

If you are considering using our Legislation Services, the following questions may be of use to you.

What Exactly is a Legislation Register?

An Integrated Compliance Solutions Legislation Register:

  • Establishes all Australian OH&S and Environmental legislation that applies to your industry and business
  • Provides hyperlinks to all on-line legislation documentation
  • Documents the relevant legislation in a simple, user-friendly, personalised, editable register
  • Defines the state in which each piece of legislation applies
  • Details the last compliance date for each item
  • Details when the next review should occur
  • Documents the status of current compliance

How Do We Implement a Legislation Register?

Using a simple checklist approach to analyse your business, Integrated Compliance Solutions can establish your legislation needs quickly and efficiently.  Completed on or off-site by one of our legislation specialists, our checklists make determining your relevant legislation easy.

Establishing only the legislation that applies to your industry, activities, risks and needs, our consultants develop a legislative compliance register as simple or comprehensive as your business requires.

Why Use Integrated Compliance Solutions For Your Legislation Register?

Using industry experts and qualified legal support, Integrated Compliance Solutions removes the pain and administrative burden from establishing your Legislation Register.

Bringing a no-fuss approach to documenting compliance, Integrated Compliance Solutions makes conformance easy with a total certification solution for your business.

Legislation Registers And Much More – About Integrated Compliance Solutions

At Integrated Compliance Solutions we do much more than assist with legislation registers. Our team are experts at helping our clients comply with current ISO standards. Our quality management system audits will help define what areas of your business need optimisation to remain compliant with current ISO 9000 2015 standards.

Integrated Compliance Solutions (ICS) provide compliance solutions for small to medium businesses across Australia. Since 2007, we have worked with hundreds of businesses of different sizes across various sectors.

We have over 150 years of combined experience of compliance consulting at Integrated Compliance Solutions. We are proud of our reputation for delivering quality certification solutions that give your business a winning edge over your competitors.

From ISO, to AS, TS and OHS, if you need to get compliant, we can help. With industry expertise, and a passion for making businesses great, our consultants can help identify what you need, make a plan to get you there, and support you in reaching your goals.

There are many benefits of being ISO compliant, such as:

  • Provides greater visibility about what’s going on in your business
  • Allows you to work with businesses that require evidence of corporate compliance
  • Details the standards and procedures your staff must follow
  • Makes it easier to train and on-board new staff
  • Reduces the prospect of criminal conduct
  • Makes it easier to comply with relevant legislative requirements
  • Drives safe, healthy workplaces

Contact Us Today To Discuss Your Legislation Register

If you think your company could benefit from an audit of your legislation register, get in touch with our expert team today. Our ISO internal auditors are available Australia-wide to provide comprehensive and reliable solutions you can count on.

For a no-obligation chat about our support service or any other compliance matter, please contact us or give us a call on 1300 132 745.

Don’t forget if you need to speak to an expert about health and safety we have WHS Consultants as well as OHS Consultants that can help you out!


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