Integrated Compliance SolutionsLegislation RegisterLegislation Register UpdatesLegislation Compliance Audit
From $1,200From $1200/yearFrom $400/audit
Establishes all relevant Australian OH&S and Environmental legislation that applies to your industry and businessY
Documents the relevant legislation in a simple, user-friendly, personalised editable registerY
Defines the state in which each legislation appliesY
Provides/ updates hyperlinks to all on-line legislation documentationYY
Details the last compliance date for each itemYY
Documents the status of current complianceYY
Details when the next review should occurYYY
Ensures any Australian Government updates or changes to OH&S and Environmental legislation are applied to your personalised Legislation RegisterYY
In plain English, interprets any legislative changes relevant to your businessYY
Shows the status of current complianceYY
Shows any actions required by changed legislation to achieve complianceYY
Provides customised advice about actions required by your business to achieve complianceYY
Establishes a simple, practical way for identifying how legislation applies to your businessY
Demonstrates how relevant legislation applies to your business, and how your business is conformingY
Audits your business operations against your legislative requirementsY
Issues you with a comprehensive report detailing required actions for conformanceY
Suggest ways that your business can incorporate compliance into processesY
Provides you with documented evidence confirming your complianceY
From $350/quarter payment planQuoted on request

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