GECA Certification (Good Environmental Choice Australia)

– What is GECA certification

GECA Certification

Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA certification) helps consumers identify which products are environmentally preferable so they can select sustainable options that won’t harm the earth.

This is achieved through their creation of an internationally recognised green certification program that assesses how well services and products meet GECA standards. GECA developed their standards in accordance with ISO 14024 principles for global best practice in type 1 ecolabelling. GECA is the only Australian member of the Global Ecolabelling Network.

Who is GECA certification suitable for?

GECA certification is important for all businesses that want their products and services to have the least environmental impact over their life cycle. It applies to products such as personal care items, cleaning products, flooring, furniture and building materials. Lately companies have shifted towards producing environmentally friendly paints, coating and ink products. GECA certification and its’ standards will distinguish these products from the rest.

Why should my company be interested in GECA?

The consumer preference for products and services that do not harm the environment is not a trend that will go away. People are becoming increasingly aware of the price the earth is paying for our consumer choices. Now, they knowingly search for and choose products that appear to be more environmentally friendly.

When your product or service receives GECA’s ecolabel, it shows that your offerings are a better choice for the environment. In addition to this, a GECA ecolabel acts as clear proof that you are meeting world standards for best practice in sustainability and environmental consideration.

The benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Access to Green Star projects (an initiative of the Green Building Council of Australia);
  • Access to government procurement opportunities;
  • A competitive edge in business;
  • Clear authority in your industry;
  • International recognition of your standards;
  • Recognition by government agencies, NGOs, procurement and building industry professionals;
  • A more cost-efficient business through reduction of water usage and waste;
  • A competitive edge in business;
  • The attention of consumers who will make you their first purchase choice.

By positioning your business as the eco-choice for your industry, there is an increased likelihood that environmentally conscious consumers will shop with you.

How do I become GECA certified?

To meet GECA standards, products and services must demonstrate reduced environmental impacts throughout the different stages of their life cycle.

The certification process begins when your company submits a formally written application. Your products and processes are independently reviewed by qualified assessors, who look for reduced environmental impacts across every aspect their life cycle.

Once your audit is complete and you have successfully met the specified requirements, you will receive certification. This, in turn, provides you with the approval needed to include the GECA ecolabel on your products or services.

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GECA Certification FAQs

What is a GECA Ecolabel?

Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) audit and assess the impact that products and services have on the environment and sustainability. Products and services that meet the exacting standards of their guidelines are awarded GECA’s ecolabel.

GECA ecolabelling is an internationally recognised form of environmental performance certification and labelling. An ecolabel proves that, throughout its’ entire lifecycle, a product or service has been produced sustainably and with reduced adverse effects on the environment. Virtually any product or service can be considered for ecolabelling. Regardless of the industry you belong to, there will be an environmentally safe method of work and production.

When making purchase decisions, consumers are becoming increasingly more concerned with and conscious of the need to support sustainable practices. Standard labelling can often be misleading. Ecolabelling, however, provides a reliable and genuine indication that a product or service is an environmentally preferable choice.

Ecolabelling positions your businesses at the forefront of the environmentally aware marketplace. It’s the stamp of credibility, making your products or services superior to those of your competitors. Importantly, because GECA certification is recognised worldwide, your business is not limited to Australian shores.

GECA ecolabelling has already made a notable impact on the current market. In response to consumer preferences, there is now a greater focus on more sustainable production and consumption practices. An increasing number of products and services are now becoming green.

What is ISO 14024?

ISO 14024 sets out the guidelines for developing programmes to assess the environmental attributes of a product. It specifies global best practice by which ecolabelling is assessed. That means that it sets an international criterion by which all products are measured, leading to worldwide consistency.

The standards set out three types of ecolabels:

  • Type I: a multi-attribute ecolabel developed by a third party
  • Type II: a single-attribute ecolabel developed by the producer themselves
  • Type III: an ecolabel based on a full life-cycle assessment

Type 1 has the most credibility because an independent party conducts the assessment.

Will GECA certified products help my Green Star rating?

They certainly will. Products that meet the Green Star performance criteria can contribute towards the points needed for Green Star certification.

The GECA site lists the standards that are recognised for Green Star:

  • 28-2010 v2.1 – ‘Furniture, Fittings & Foam’ – Level A recognition;
  • 50-2011 v2 – ‘Carpets’ – Level A recognition;
  • 25-2011 v2 – ‘Floor Coverings’ – Level A recognition;
  • 04-2011 v2 – ‘Panel Boards’ – Level A recognition;
  • 40-2008 v1.1 – ‘Hard Surfacing’ – Level A recognition;
  • 28-2006 Modified 2010 v2 – ‘Furniture and Fittings’ – Level B recognition

One closed GECA standard is recognised for Green Star:

  • 28-2010 v2 – ‘Furniture and Fittings’ – Level A recognition


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