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– What are my obligations as a business under OHS legislation

OHS Consultants: Legislation & Legislative Requirements

In 2012 new WHS laws were introduced Australian-wide. However, this change was not enforced in the states of Victoria and Western Australia where OHS legislative requirements are still followed.

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If you would like to find out more about WHS legislation, we have a dedicated webpage explaining your obligations as a business.

For your convenience, we have also provided access to an overview of the employer requirements and a summary of what the changes will mean for your business.

How can OHS consultants help me to meet all minimum obligations?

In satisfying necessary OHS requirements, it is now mandatory for your Australian business to carry an OHS Health and Safety Management System that is in compliance with the Act and Regulations. It is essential that when introducing the appropriate system to your organisation, it becomes an operational component that is integrated into your workplace culture.

At ICS an experienced OHS consultant can help you with the technicalities of this process, ensuring that the system being introduced is accurately implemented and in compliance with expected standards. We can provide your business with professional knowledge on how to set up an OHS Management System that isn’t exceedingly costly, while still ensuring you meet legislative and WorkSafe requirements.

What’s the latest on WHS Harmonisation and what does it mean for my business?

The Australian state of Victoria enforces a particularly thorough approach to OHS legislation. With the Victorian Government concluding that the costs of adopting the National WHS laws would outweigh the benefits, the state made the decision not to adopt this new harmonised legislation.

As such, The Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 will continue to be enforced in Victoria and businesses operating in the state will need to be in compliance.

When trading interstate, it is therefore important that organisations adjust operations accordingly to meet the differing expectations of OHS and WHS legislation.

If your business is in this position, you may be required to establish an Occupational Health and Safety Management System that takes both Victorian and WHS legislation into account.

At ICS Consulting, we can assist you in achieving compliance when operating on a national level. Contact an OHS consultant or WHS consultant today to ensure that your business is functioning in accordance with OHS laws and the new harmonised WHS legislation.

How do I find out about OHS Legislation that I have to comply with?

For information on the OHS legislative aspects that require compliance from all businesses, access Worksafe Victoria Laws and Regulations.

You may also find it beneficial to understand the difference between WHS and OHS legislative requirements. If this is the case, we would recommend checking out the WHS/OHS Laws – Comparison Summary written by Australian Industry Group.

You can also contact us today to speak with an OHS consultant, cost-free. To ensure your business is complying with all relevant legislation, call one of our friendly professionals on 1300 132 745.

What’s the difference between SafeWork Australia and Worksafe Australia?

About SafeWork Australia:

Established in 2008, SafeWork Australia is a government body that works to ensure adequate policies are in place regarding workers’ compensation. As such, aiming to deliver on the strategic and operational objectives that are determined by SafeWork Australia.

SafeWork Australia occupies the following functions:

  • Create and integrate national policy and strategies;
  • Implement exemplary work health and safety legislation and actively make continual improvements to the current legislative framework;
  • Participate in research; and
  • Gather, examine and report data.

About WorkSafe:

WorkSafe is an independent organisation that acts as an OHS regulator in the state of Victoria.

WorkSafe Victoria:

  • Assists in avoiding the occurrence of workplace injuries;
  • Enforces occupational health and safety laws;
  • Provides workplace injury insurance for employers at a reasonable price;
  • Assists injured workers in getting back into the workforce; and
  • Manages the workers’ compensation scheme by making sure that the delivery of suitable services and adoption of prudent financial practices is done in a timely manner.

All of the Australian states have equivalent organisations, for instance, WorkSafe in ACT, NT and WA.

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