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Asset management is a key issue for any business. At Integrated Compliance Solutions, we work with businesses seeking to gain a competitive edge through certification standards and processes important to their clients and stakeholders.

We make getting ISO 55001 certification easy

At Integrated Compliance Solutions, we help businesses develop effective compliance systems and solutions. We offer integrated support services to assist your business with a range of Sustainability and Environment Standards

Don’t know where to start with your Asset Management System? We can help. Our team of ISO 55001 certification consultants can help you understand the gaps between where you are, and where you want to be with your asset management system- quickly and easily.

  • Do you need peace of mind around your conformance to ISO 55001?
  • Do you need assistance interpreting and practically applying the requirements of a certified asset management system to your company’s operations?
  • Are you looking for a complete asset management solution?

Let Integrated Compliance Solutions take the hard work out of meeting asset management requirements. Providing you with lean, efficient system solutions at an operational level, we can help you protect your business with an asset management system that is easy to apply and maintain and doesn’t drown you in paperwork.

What Is ISO 55001 Certification?

ISO 55001 (or ISO 55001:2014) establishes a global standard for asset management systems. From a practical standpoint, this family of standards (including ISO 55000, ISO 55001 & ISO 55002), provides a framework for organisations to achieve their objectives through the effective and efficient management of their assets.

Our certified asset management solutions can be applied to any organisation where physical assets are central to business. Companies associated with the rail/road industry, or any business with a large volume of plant and equipment should consider investing in an asset management system.

ISO 55001:

  • Provides a line of sight through an organisation’s overall vision, mission, strategy and asset objectives
  • Aligns the goals and activities of the organisation with asset management
  • Establishes connections between individuals, departments and organisational asset goals
  • Helps you to develop a high-level statement of intent which provides guidance for lower level asset plans, policies, procedures and actions
  • Ensures that stakeholders’ needs for information and reporting in relation to asset management are met
  • Empowers organisations to meet their asset management and organisational objectives

What are the benefits of ISO 55001 Certification?

Reviewing processes, procedures and asset performance enables informed management decisions that balance cost, risk, opportunity and performance to improve organisational efficiency and effectiveness in relation to assets and their management.

ISO 55001 Certified Asset Management:

  • Allows businesses to reduce the risks associated with the ownership of assets
  • Facilitates continued improvement with formalised, prioritised and coordinated asset implementation plans that the entire organisation can understand and commit to
  • Enables objective comparison of asset performance across industrial sectors, and between regulated/non-regulated and public/private environments
  • Improves asset services and organisational sustainability
  • Demonstrates a commitment to enhancing best practice with regards to asset management

Get a marketing edge over your competitors with ISO 55001 Certification

Achieving certification to internationally recognised standards puts you head and shoulders above most businesses and can be the difference between winning and losing a vital contract. When tendering for public sector or large company work – the internationally recognised ISO asset management standard is a means of demonstrating your commitment to best practice and financial sustainability in the area of assets.

Our ISO 55001 certification, audit and consulting services ensure that your business complies with regulations and industry standards by:

  • Understanding your environment, your stakeholders and their requirements, your customers and their expectations, and your asset management position
  • Planning your asset management controls based on identified and assessed risks
  • Implementing key asset management controls
  • Measuring and reviewing your asset management position
  • Continuously improving your asset management system

What’s involved in getting ISO 55001 Certified?

Using a simple checklist approach to analyse your business, our ISO 55001 certification consultants can establish your compliance needs quickly and easily.

Completed on-site by one of our industry professionals, our end-to-end process gives you ultimate choice and peace of mind. From ground-up, gap assessments, to development, maintenance and internal audits, to acting as an interim Quality Manager and taking care of the majority of the work, we have an option to suit your needs.

Why use Integrated Compliance Solutions for your ISO 55001 Certification?

Using industry experts and qualified legal support, Integrated Compliance Solutions removes the pain and administrative burden from gaining and maintaining ISO 55001 certification. Bringing a no-fuss approach to documenting compliance, Integrated Compliance Solutions makes conformance easy with a total certification solution for your business.

About Integrated Compliance Solutions

Integrated Compliance Solutions has been operating across Australia since 2009. We specialise in compliance solutions for small to medium businesses across every sector.

Founded by Heather Bienefelt, the Integrated Compliance Solutions team draws on over 150 years of collective experience. We know about all aspects of compliance, including ISO, AS, TS, OHS and more.

We have experience working with businesses in several industries. Our consultants will help identify what it is that you need, develop a plan to get you there and support you in achieving those goals.

Our consultants have backgrounds in several areas, including education, engineering, technology, hospitality and science. We are determined to add value to your bottom line.

At Integrated Compliance Solutions we have firm values that are the foundation of the way we conduct business. Our values are as follows:

  • We believe in serving and supporting our clients, consultants, staff and stakeholders;
  • We conduct ourselves ethically at all times;
  • We believe in practicing excellence in all areas of our business;
  • We advocate a positive culture focused on cultivating strengths and finding solutions;
  • We aim to reduce complexity through integrated, efficient, effective systems;
  • We are dedicated to innovation, learning and the sharing of knowledge;
  • We believe in continuous improvement and productivity in terms of both business and personal growth;
  • We believe in acting in a socially conscious manner, that involves fostering dignity, equality and respect.

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To find out more about ISO certification, see our ISO Certification Frequently Asked Questions.


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