Case Study


Industry: Telecommunications

ICS’s Involvement: ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environmental) system design, implementation and audit in preparation for external certification, Legislation Register and Legislative Updates.

Top management commitment is a key success factor in projects of this type

The Background

Activ8me apply annually for a number of government contracts and tenders for which a certified ISO integrated HSEQ system is a requirement. In order to be successful in winning lucrative contracts, both locally and with international companies, Activ8me decided to invest in a consultant to help them reach this goal.

At the end of January 2012, ICS consultant Paul Lanagan was engaged to assist with an urgent request to introduce both an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 system.

The Approach Taken

Work commenced with a gap assessment ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 to establish to what extent Activ8me already complied with the standard with a view to minimizing the amount of change and extra documentation required.

Activ8me had already engaged a consultant to assist them with OHS and had a workable and well documented system for this area, therefore Paul recommended that the two new systems be integrated with the existing OHS system in order to avoid doubling up and inefficiencies of having 3 silo systems.

Our consultant Paul Lanagan, met with the management team of Activ8me on a regular basis and worked co-operatively with the existing OHS consultant, utilising the system he had already created to ensure that the final result was acceptable to all parties. He also kept in touch via email with updates and advice as needed.

The entire project took approximately 6 months at a frequency of 1 consultant visit per week on average.

Now successfully certified, Activ8me engaged ICS to develop an OHS and Environmental Legislation Register and to keep it up-to-date via our “Legislative Updates” service.

How ICS Contributed Value

We particularly liked the way Paul helped us with practical advice on the control of our measuring equipment. Paul was instrumental in developing documented structures in operations, particularly around meetings and formal action points.

The Results

When the certification audit was held with SAI Global the auditor commented favourably on the work done by ICS consultant Paul on the system manual.

Activ8me became officially certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AS 4801 with zero non-conformances in August 2012.

Success Factors

The notable aspect of this project was the commitment and involvement of the management team towards the project. Top management commitment was there from the start and all staff were involved and met regularly. This is a key success factor in projects of this type.

It has been a journey! The fact that managers were involved and interested and willing to bring in consultants to help us understand and put in the time and effort has made a big difference which, I’m sure, is why we were certified in one hit.

The Benefits

When asked what the most positive outcome the client has experienced as a result of the project, they advised that they have now implemented regular management reviews for each department so everyone has the opportunity to communicate. This regular communication has added a lot of value, even for a small company such as theirs.

They now have a continuous improvement culture and before this process they didn’t have a formal process for doing that.

Not only that but Activ8me have reduced their environmental footprint through recycling and trying to reduce power consumption and carbon price increment included in data centre and their aim is to reduce I.T. power use per customer.

Client:   Activ8me

Manager Finance and Administration:
– Nadia Rigoni

Location: Melbourne

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