While face to face is normally considered the only option for what we do as compliance consultants, ICS has been successfully conducting remote consulting for our regional clients for many years.

Do you have team members working from home? No problem! Using a range of technologies – our consultants are very comfortable with remote consulting, conducting remote audits and developing systems online. 

More recently we have also developed a cloud-based platform which is available to all our clients.

Remote Consulting for a Range of Services

Our current suite of services offered remotely includes:

  • Gap Analysis: An ISO or Quality Gap Analysis assesses how fully you comply with any given standard and details the gaps to work on.
  • Compliance Audit: An ISO Compliance Audit determines the extent to which an organisation’s existing systems comply with a particular standard. Once any non-conformances have been addressed, businesses are issued with a certificate of compliance. While this isn’t the same as accreditation, it’s a time and cost-effective option for those who want to improve their compliance.
  • Healthcheck Audit: An ISO Healthcheck Audit is completed before your systems are formally assessed by an independent certification body. This can assist you in determining whether your management systems are at the level of compliance required to successfully pass an audit.
  • Cloud-Based IMS (Management Systems): Cloud based systems are ideal for managing remote teams. Consider how a cloud-based IMS might help you manage a remote work force. We also specialise in developing, assessing, transitioning to, rolling out and maintaining cloud-based compliance solutions.
  • Internal Audits: Completion of an ISO internal audit is a key requirement for those wanting to gain compliance with one or many ISO best-practice standards. Whether via our cloud-based platform or using online document sharing/ video/ teleconferencing technology, we can assess which of your internal audits can be completed online and mentor your team how to complete those needing to be done in-house. Outsourcing your internal audits can be much quicker and more efficient than conducting this audit in-house and can provide a “fresh-set-of-eyes” to find improvements in your system.
  • Legislative Updates: Our Legislation Services relieve the pain and administrative burden of achieving Legislative Compliance and are all offered via the Cloud. Our expert consultants will develop your legal register, keep it up-to-date and communicate what legislation changes mean for your business. ICS offer this service with a combination of phone, teleconference and our cloud-based platform “Digital IMS+”.

How Can We Help You?

For more information on any of our remote compliance services, call our team on 1300 132 745 or email us at [email protected].


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