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Legislative Compliance Services

At Integrated Compliance Solutions, our expert consultants remove the pain and administrative burden from achieving Legislative Compliance. Specialists in compliance, we make conformance to legislation easier easy with innovative legislative compliance services for your business.

The types of Legislation Compliance Services our team can offer include:

  • Developing a Legislation Register
  • Legislative Update Services
  • Legislative Compliance Audits

What is a Legislation Register?

One of changes in the newer (post 2015) versions of the ISO standards is the emphasis on the need to understand and apply legislation and regulatory requirements in your business.

The most common way companies manage the, often numerous, pieces of legislation that apply to their business is via a legislation register.

The legislation relevant to an organisation is determined by their activities, the industry they operate in and their various stakeholders. To be effective a legislation register needs to map against your business activities and reference evidence in the management system, otherwise it is merely a list which has not been applied effectively.

Getting help with your Legislation Register

It can often be helpful for companies to engage a third party to assess which legislation applies to their business as, without a legal background, it is easy to overlook key aspects.

At ICS we are often asked to help companies in this process. Identifying only the legislation that is relevant to your industry, activities, risks and needs, our consultants develop a legislative register as simple or comprehensive as your business requires.

An Integrated Compliance Solutions Legislation Register:

  • Documents all relevant Australian Environmental and OHS legislation in a simple, user-friendly, personalised, editable register;
  • Provides hyperlinks to all online legislation documentation;
  • Defines the state in which each piece of legislation applies;
  • Details the last compliance date for each item;
  • Details when the next review should occur;
  • Documents the status of current compliance;
  • And more…

Using a simple questionnaire approach to analyse your business, Integrated Compliance Solutions can establish your legislation needs quickly and efficiently. Completed on or off-site by legislation specialists, our process makes determining your relevant legislation easy.

What are Legislative Update Services?

Legislation is constantly being changed and updated and wWithout suitable systems and expertise in place, organisations can lose track of their compliance with relevant legislation, exposing themselves to unnecessary risks and the possibility of fines and legal action.

At Integrated Compliance Solutions, our expert consultants can ensure you are aware of and up-to-date with any legislative changes that apply to your business.

As part of our Legislative Update Services, ICS:

  • Takes the pain and frustration out of maintaining legislative compliance;
  • Ensures any Australian Government updates or changes to OHS and Environmental legislation are applied to your personalised Legislation Register;
  • Sends you clear details regarding what changes, if any, have occurred since the last review;
  • Provides an expert interpretation of any legislative changes relevant to your business, in simple terms;
  • Offers customised advice about actions required by your business to achieve compliance.

What is a Legislative Compliance Audit?

One of the challenges of maintaining compliance with legislation is showing evidence that you have understood and applied the requirements within your business.

Companies who DIY this process generally pore over the legislation, creating checklists which highlight the areas that apply to them, then correlating these with particular documents and processes within their business. It can be a very onerous process which needs to be continually updated as legislation changes.

ICS helps businesses assess their level of compliance with legislation in a fraction of the time it would take to do this internally.

Using our extensive industry and legislative experience we audit your systems against legislation, producing a report which shows where there are gaps and the action you need to take to address them. This will, in turn, provide you with meaningful, clear insights into your compliance at an operational level.

These audits will also incorporate any changes to legislation requirements, giving you and your stakeholder’s valuable peace of mind.

An Integrated Compliance Solutions Legislation Compliance Audit:

  • Establishes a simple, practical way for identifying how relevant legislation applies to your business;
  • Demonstrates how your business is conforming to relevant legislation;
  • Audits your business operations against your legislative requirements;
  • Issues you with a comprehensive report detailing required actions for conformance;
  • Helps you to intelligently incorporate compliance into your processes, without adding unnecessary documentation;
  • Provides you with documented evidence confirming your compliance.

Legislative compliance audits do not necessarily have to be difficult. At Integrated Compliance Solutions, we provide a thorough audit to identify where your business could be lagging in terms of compliance.

How Could Your Business Benefit From Using Legislative Compliance Services?

There are a number of reasons for businesses to use an external consultant to ensure they comply with current legislative requirements. The following are some of the benefits your business will experience with Integrated Compliance Solutions’ Legislation Services:

  • Removes the pain and frustration of maintaining legislative compliance in house;
  • Ensures any Australian Government updates or changes to OHS and Environmental legislation are applied to your business’ Legislation Register;
  • Details the last compliance date for each item and when the next review should occur;
  • Documents the status of current compliance and details what changes, if any, have occurred since the last review;
  • Provides customised advice about the actions that are required by your business to achieve compliance;
  • Interprets any legislative changes relevant to your business.

Get Compliant With the Latest Legislation

For professional guidance involving Legislative Compliance Services, get in touch with our expert team today. Our consultants are available Australia-wide, providing comprehensive and reliable solutions you can count on.

For a no-obligation chat about our support service or any other compliance matter, please contact us or give us a call on 1300 132 745.


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