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Perth is situated at the heart of International transit and business. Within such a competitive market, making sure your enterprise is compliant with international standards is crucial to securing your business’ sustainable long-term success.

At Integrated Compliance Solutions we have over ten years experience providing high quality auditing and consulting services regarding compliance. We take an individual approach to your business, and keep you informed at every step of the process. Our quality management consultants will work with you to define your business’ flaws, goals and areas of improvement.  Our aim is to guide you in a fast and cost-effective manner towards ISO certification and developing a system that meets your needs.

We also work with valued clients in regional areas across Western Australia. From Albany to Broome, Geraldton to Exmouth, our team of experienced consultants is well-equipped to support your ISO compliance needs. Whether it’s local on-site consultants or remote consulting, we customise our approach to align with your specific requirements and budget.

Building Quality, Reputation and Success with ISO Certification

Our consultants take an individual approach to your business, and keep you informed at every step of the process. We work with you to define your business’ flaws, goals and areas of improvement. Our aim is to guide you in a fast and cost-effective manner towards ISO certification and developing a system that meets your needs.

ISO Certification is a stamp of quality that will highlight your business’ commitment to quality and customer service. Do not hesitate to contact one of our qualified compliance experts today about obtaining your ISO Certification. We can help your business get the most relevant ISO certification for you. Some of the standards we work with include:

What do the ISO standards cover?

ISO Certifications are built on the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) quality management principles. The following seven principles are the pillars relevant to the ISO 9001. These are also referenced in other ISO standards and are key to improving operations and bettering customer experience.

Customer Focus

Meeting – and exceeding – the expectations of customers is a key focus for the ISO. Not only is it important to attract the attention of customers, but you must also adapt to their future needs.


Having a mission, vision and values that are driven by strong leadership is crucial to achieving your organisation’s outcomes, as well as meeting the demands of your customers.

Engagement of people

Empowering and engaging people at all levels of your organisation is key to creating genuine outcomes.

Process approach

There are no vacuums within an organisation. It is important that each process flows and works well within the whole of the organisation.


Successful organisations do not rest on their laurels, they are always seeking new ways to improve their operations, and keep informed of changes to their internal and external environments.

Evidence-based decision making

Making decisions can be difficult, it is therefore crucial that all decisions are made based on evidence-based decision making. The ISO puts great significance on making evidence-based decisions.

Relationship management

Identifying significant relationships within your supply chain and beyond is crucial to the ongoing success of your organisation. Facilitating communication and managing relationships is a key consideration of the ISO.

What does the ISO Certification process involve?

With Integrated Compliance Solutions, we make the ISO Certification process as easy-to-understand as possible. As well as being registered consultants and auditors, Integrated Compliance Solutions expert help in getting your business’ Quality Management System (QMS) up to scratch.

When you business is ready, we will conduct a full audit of your operations.  Our registered auditors will review your business to determine your eligibility for ISO Certification.

With our assistance, we can help your business be as best prepared as possible for auditing. 

Beware of fake certifiers that offer ISO Certification online as well as those that are not JASANZ accredited. Various companies have been the victim of these false Certifications and contracts have been lost on this basis. These certificates hold little value and are frequently not accepted Internationally, or by larger companies and governments.

With Integrated Compliance Solutions, we prepare your business to pass ISO Certification from any genuine JASANZ accredited certifier.

ISO 9001 Certification Perth

ISO 9001 is a globally recognised standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS) established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The framework provides a systematic approach to managing the quality of products, services, and systems within an organisation.

ISO 9001 certification signifies that a company has implemented robust quality management practices, aiming to enhance customer satisfaction, streamline processes, and continually improve overall performance.

Key elements of ISO 9001 include a strong customer focus, engagement of top management, and a commitment to ongoing improvement.

ISO 45001 Certification Perth

ISO 45001 is an international standard that outlines the requirements for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS). The standard provides a framework for organisations to establish, implement, and continually improve effective OHS practices.

ISO 45001 is designed to help organisations create safer work environments, prevent work-related injuries and illnesses, and comply with legal and regulatory requirements related to OHS.

Key elements of ISO 45001 include identifying and assessing OHS risks, implementing preventive measures, establishing emergency preparedness and response procedures, and promoting a culture of continual improvement.

ISO 14001 Certification Perth

ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS), providing a framework for businesses to establish and implement effective environmentally conscious practices.

Compliance helps organisations minimise their environmental impact, comply with legal requirements, and continually improve their environmental performance. ISO 14001 covers aspects such as pollution control, waste management, and resource efficiency, establishing a systematic approach to environmental responsibility.

By demonstrating a commitment to responsible environmental management, companies can enhance their reputation, optimise resource usage, foster a culture of environmental consciousness, and stay competitive in markets that prioritise sustainability.

ISO 27001 Certification Perth

ISO 27001 is a globally recognised standard for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). It provides a framework for companies to establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve their information security processes and controls.

The standard assists companies with identifying and addressing potential security threats, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements related to information security, and establishing a robust framework for managing and mitigating risks to safeguard their data.

ISO 27001 certification signifies to stakeholders, clients, and partners that an organisation is committed to maintaining the highest standards of information security, which enhances trust, credibility, and confidence in the organisation’s ability to handle sensitive information securely and responsibly.

About Integrated Compliance Solutions

Formerly Integrated Consulting Solutions, Integrated Compliance Solutions (ICS) has been supplying compliance solutions to SMEs in Perth and around Australia since 2009. We are motivated to make getting, and staying compliant, efficient, cost effective and easy.

ICS provides advice and support, all the way through to integrated end-to end compliance solutions to a number of industries including the transport, construction, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, trade and essential services industries.

Founded by Heather Bienefelt, and drawing on well over 150 years of combined experience in compliance consulting, ICS is proud of its reputation for delivering tried and tested certification solutions that give growing businesses a winning edge.

To find out more about ISO certification, see our ISO Certification Frequently Asked Questions.


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