Our Vision


To lead the market as the supplier of innovative ISO compliance solutions; reducing the burden of traditional management systems for SMEs seeking higher value, larger ongoing contracts

We’re market leading ISO compliance professionals using innovative technology to provide Consulting, Auditing and Integrated Management Systems; in order to help you compete for higher value, larger ongoing contracts.

Application 1: Providing innovative compliance solutions to SME’s.

Increasing the profitability and productivity of our clients through the development of innovative solutions and the provision of up-to-date information and advice on emerging trends and income opportunities. These opportunities will make or save our clients’ money, or increase operational efficiencies. Wherever possible, we will seek solutions which also support the goals of social responsibility and sustainability, where this is a positive influence on business growth.

Application 2: Preferred provider of customised ISO (and related specialist) consulting to SMEs.

Reliably and in a timely manner, providing clients with a well-matched solution and an appropriate consultant with the skills, industry experience, communication skills and proven track record to implement the project to an excellent standard. The consultant will have the determination to meet and exceed the stated preferences and requirements and assist ICS to develop an ongoing value-adding relationship with the client.

Application 3: Promoting best practice and ethics in our industry through thought-leadership, knowledge sharing and facilitating alliances between superior providers.

We listen carefully to the needs and issues our stakeholders and generously share knowledge and ideas with high quality providers in our industry. We hold ourselves and others accountable to high standards of professional excellence. We surround ourselves with providers and alliance partners who display honesty, integrity and who are in alignment with our core values.

Application 4: Contributing to the planet by supporting the growth of ethical organisations who have a strong social responsibility and sustainability focus.

We avoid supporting businesses with a poor human rights, environmental or ethical record.

We look for ways to contribute our enthusiasm, effort, time, money and resources to organisations, individuals and ideas which-are:

 -values driven -strive for excellence
-embrace continuous improvement -respect, value and invest in people
-are committed to environmentally sustainable, ethical and humanitarian practices. -we consider are making a meaningful and positive difference to the planet.

Application 5: Being an employer of choice for ISO consultants across Australia.

Reliably providing interesting, well-matched, well-paid work in a supportive and ethical environment that meets consultants’ stated preferences and targets.


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