Simple Yet Profound

– The Story Behind Our Enigmatic Logo

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The Celtic Dara Knot


Inspired by a brooch, there is more than just symbolism in ICS’s logo.

The subject of much interest (and a little conjecture!) ICS’s logo holds significant meaning for founder and director, Heather Bienefelt.

A descendant of Scottish and Irish ancestors, Heather’s first visit to Ireland, Scotland and parts of Europe, found her swept up in the reverence afforded to Celtic wisdom and lore. Fascinated by the history and wonder of the region, Heather purchased a small souvenir and token of her travels; a Celtic brooch.

On returning to Australia, Heather mused over the symbolism of the brooch’s Celtic knot pattern and found an instant connection with the message it held. Depicting an endless design common in Celtic patterns, Heather was fascinated by what was the Celtic Dara knot. The word “Dara” comes from the word “doire” which translates to “oak tree” in Irish. Resembling an elegant and symmetrical collection of knots, the Dara knot is symbolic of the root system of the oak tree.

Considered a sacred tree, the Celts believed they could translate the language of the Oak’s root system into profound and meaningful messages. Almost like a secret language – these messages provided insight into the meaning of the cosmos and its influence on their reality.

Representing power, destiny, wisdom, strength, endurance and leadership – Celtic Knots are mostly endless – and for a reason. Each of them was and continues to be a symbol of infinity and eternity – attributes which would serve the Celts well in both business and life.

For Heather, the Dara knot, like the Oak tree, reminds us that beneath the surface lies a vast, divine inner resource that lends us wisdom and stability regardless of the circumstances we see around us.

The ICS logo is a tribute to the Celtic Dara Knot, its origins and it’s meaning. ICS’s interwoven blue thread reminds us of the interdependence of all things. In business this reflects a philosophy of trust and cooperation, eschewing competition for the value and contribution of every team member and our collegiate community.

It also symbolises ICS’s practice of focussing and building on client’s strengths and of maximising efficiency and reducing duplication through the integration of systems.

A simple, yet profound and enigmatic logo, it serves as an enduring symbol of the philosophies we hold dear at ICS and the practice by which we seek to add value to the businesses we partner with.


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