As an IT software developer, providing high-quality services is a top priority. However, achieving this can prove difficult without efficient and dependable systems.

With a cloud-based system that is ISO compliant, IT software development companies can achieve efficiencies, compliance and greater customer satisfaction.

Cloud-based systems that meet ISO and IT software development industry standards

Our cloud-based systems are compliant with ISO Standards such as:

As they strive to achieve compliance, many IT software development companies are finding that transitioning to cloud-based software is an efficient way to incorporate all of their procedures into a single, user-friendly system.

Migrating to a cloud-based system allows for workflow automation, secure storage of all data in the cloud, smoother communication and flexible and adaptable systems, resulting in increased cost-effectiveness.

By integrating multiple ISO and other industry standards, IT software development companies can reduce document duplication and streamline business operations.

Our cloud-based system can be used with hundreds of other platforms, enabling smooth collaboration between existing systems.

Seamlessly collaborate to meet customer requirements and support personnel working from home, who can effortlessly access and work on projects.

IT software developers can future-proof their business by developing lean ISO compliant systems that not only help them attain certification but also ensure ongoing compliance in the months and years to come.

ISO compliance solutions for IT software development companies

At Integrated Compliance Solutions, we help IT software development companies across Australia reach their ISO compliance goals with lean, low-burden systems.

Working closely with regulatory authorities and peak industry bodies, our software development team created Digital IMS+, a unique cloud-based industry-specific compliance package that is fully customisable to your requirements.

Build quality business processes in a convenient paperless system to remove the pain and administrative burden of maintaining ISO and legislative compliance.

With its user-friendly interface and adaptable design, Digital IMS+ offers real-time reporting, automated workflows, enhanced communication, scalability to suit your needs and effortless ISO and legal compliance management.

Whether you conduct an internal audit, perform system maintenance or complete an ISO gap analysis, our end-to-end, hassle-free cloud-based system offers a seamless solution for managing your processes and compliance.

We tailor systems to your needs rather than relying on templates, providing complete peace of mind through our comprehensive package solutions.

Get a winning edge over your competitors

Establish compliance integrity, promote long-term change and innovation and secure more lucrative contracts by:

  • Demonstrating your commitment to becoming compliant and certified against Environment, Health and Safety and Quality Management System Standards;
  • Ensuring legislative compliance is monitored and maintained;
  • Improving the reliability and efficiency of your reporting, communication and administrative operations;
  • Showing adherence to your client’s systems and compliance requirements.

Our exclusive Digital IMS+ package for IT software developers:

  • Assists organisations to become certified to relevant ISO Standards;
  • Gets you compliant in up to 90 days;
  • Is fully customised to your business needs;
  • Includes updated on legal requirements;
  • Provides a professional team who have been in the industry for many years to be part of your team through the process.

*Assumes prompt completion of tasks required for certification by the client.

Cloud-based integrated management system – one platform for all your IT software development compliance needs

Integrated Compliance Solutions offers no-fuss, cloud-based, end-to-end compliance solution packages. Meet and demonstrate your compliance requirements with our streamlined and completely customised approach.

  • ISO compliance: Workflows and documents adhere to ISO standard guidelines, including ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 45001 (occupational health and safety) and ISO 14001 (environmental management).
  • Streamlined incident system: Our customised online forms are integrated with a dashboard system that includes actions, workflows, investigations and findings while also highlighting trends for ongoing improvement.
  • Manage compliance and legislative updates: Effortlessly handle compliance and legal obligations by automatically notifying employees when action expiry dates are approaching.
  • Improved risk management capabilities: Easily identify, assess, control, and manage risks.
  • Audit, inspection and observation: Conduct audits, complete inspection and observation forms and checklists, view ratings and scoring, identify non-conformance areas and determine appropriate corrective actions.
  • Asset management: Create a centralised location for storing asset information and records. Establish maintenance and calibration schedules, including due dates and responsible personnel, to ensure your assets are fit for use.
  • Contractor, employee and supplier management: Develop individual portals for contractors and suppliers, streamlining contractor management. Store documents, insurances, checklists and inductions in one location and complete actions within the same system.
  • Issue management: Efficiently identify, track and resolve issues.
  • Meeting management: Effortlessly manage meetings, agendas, minutes and attendees. Assign, access and sign off on actions through a user-friendly dashboard.
  • Mobile: Access necessary information and documents through any browser or a mobile app compatible with iOS and Android.
  • Business intelligence: Tailored business intelligence systems, reports and dashboards support your industry-specific business needs.

Future-proof your IT software development company with cloud-based systems

  • Replace error-prone manual and spreadsheet-based workflows with streamlined and highly efficient cloud-based systems;
  • Keep track of every aspect of your processes in real-time using dashboards;
  • Minimise data entry errors and free up time for meaningful tasks by automating processes in IT software development;
  • Improve risk visibility, reduce duplication and foster a proactive organisational culture by supporting greater collaboration and breaking down silos;
  • Establish a framework for designing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving policies and procedures;
  • Develop a systematic approach for assessing and navigating risks better, allowing for better decision-making;
  • Determine controls and measures to monitor performance and progress towards key compliance objectives;
  • Establish systems that are accessible to third-party contractors, promoting greater collaboration and flexibility;
  • Ensure data is compatible with different devices, including mobile devices, to support employees in any work environment;
  • Support employees whether they work in the office, on-site, or remotely, ensuring seamless collaboration and flexibility;
  • Adapt systems to your needs at any given time to avoid paying for idle infrastructure and promote cost-effectiveness;
  • Impress clients and prospective clients with the most efficient systems and reputable ISO compliance, enhancing your reputation and securing more lucrative contracts.

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