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Sometimes it’s hard trying to decide which ISO consulting company to go with online. Often one of the best ways is to have a look at their past clients and the industry experience they have to help you make a decision.

Our ISO consultants have worked with clients across most industries. From compliance audits to integrated management systems, we have helped our clients achieve excellent results.

So here’s a few of the better-known clients that we’ve worked with and we look forward to hopefully adding your name to this roll.

Here’s a sample of the satisfied clients our ISO consultants have managed. Simply click on the company names below to read each testimonial:

Architecture & Design

“We appointed Integrated Consulting Solutions as we wanted to proceed with implementing a Quality, OHS and Environmental management system and obtain accreditation.

We engaged ICS as an expert to assist us.  ICS initially reviewed our current systems and processes, identifying any gaps and assisted us to fill these gaps and produce a Management System manual.

Everyone at ICS was very friendly to deal with and all requests were responded to promptly.  The consultant Paul Lanagan was good and knowledgeable and assisted us in some areas outside of his formal paid sessions, ie telephone queries.

ICS offered an all round service which we were very happy with.

As a result of the project, it has brought us to the attention of gaps with regard to safety in the workplace.

The project has also prompted us to update our inspection processes to ensure that the fire safety procedures are maintained and it has also allowed personnel to come on board with regard to QA processes, ie reviewing of documentation.

We were pleased that the project was completed promptly and on budget”.

Angelo Pignalosa

“Our ICS Consultant Ron was very good at translating the formal jargon of the ISO standard into simple, easy to understand English. He put us at ease and showed all of us that certification didn’t need to be a lot of extra work. Mostly he just helped us make changes to what we were already doing and to translate the requirements into practical and realistic solutions which improved our business and didn’t add a lot of extra paperwork. And finally, we passed our audit with flying colours and no issues! We were delighted”.

Julia Cockrum
Vincent Chrisp (Architects)

Banking & Financial Services

Hemant Karkhanis audited a group of our retail food outlets in both South Melbourne and Docklands during 2010.

From the first meeting I found Hemant to be very prompt, reliable with good communication skills which were more than adequate for the role.

He got on well with the operators- and was courteous and very professional in his approach.

One of the operators made a point of commenting that Hemant picked up a few improvements they hadn’t thought of that were very useful that they intended implementing immediately.

The reports provided were succinct, self explanatory and user friendly- you didn’t have to be a food industry expert to understand them.

Hemant was also conscientious in returning to validate that issues had been addressed where required.

Similarly Integrated Consulting Solutions, who supplied Hemant to us, provided their quotations and the required documents (including reports, certificates and letters to council) as required without any problems.

In general, the engagement worked seamlessly and all was performed in a professional and timely manner.

I would definitely recommend ICS and Hemant for future work of this type.

Frank Pizi

Building & Construction

“We appointed ICS to conduct a health check audit of our integrated management system and then after this audit, the consultant Dean Bell, recommended that we combine our management plans.

Dean Bell of ICS completed this task for us.  Dean was very easy to work with, communicated well and was very knowledgeable.  We had great confidence in the outcome based on our interactions with Dean and we enjoyed working with him.

We would of course approach ICS again for further assistance in relation to any other compliance requirements our business has”.

Nicky Steele
AKT Constructions

“We approached ICS to help us develop a digital integrated management system, as the business was ready to expand into other industries and facets of construction. From the quote all the way through to completion, the consultants Adam, Julie and Jude, were professional, always helpful, and super responsive, especially Adam who would even respond outside of business hours! The digital platform looked complex, but it is quite efficient, and I look forward to learning more of its processes. Overall, ICS went beyond expectations, and we would work with them for any future expansions.”

Hussein Yahfoufi
Alex Paving and Landscaping

“The Vic Roads process seemed quite daunting to begin with.  We knew we needed Vic Roads traffic management pre-qual but had no idea how to go about it. ICS and our consultant Sonia made it clear and understandable, giving us a solution to our problem. We now have a plan and are looking forward to how compliance will increase our construction abilities in the future.”

Allan Morriss
Cugura Builders

“We had a management system within the company which was created in 2008.

We had picked up a tender for a State wide contract with the RMS Maritime Service.  On winning the contract, our client reviewed our management system and felt it needed to be brought up to date with new regulations and new acts being implemented to bring it into line with 2014.

We were provided with a checklist of requirements from our client and this was submitted to ICS along with existing management system documentation for review.

ICS went over the management system we had and went over the checklist of requirements and between the two of those established what was missing and what was needed to be expanded on.

Our client has reviewed the revised documentation and they accepted it immediately.  They were very happy with the turnaround and our efficiency and we have ICS to thank for that.  I think that the updated management system will enable us to pick up more work from our client more often.

ICS were pretty streamlined in their approach.  We had an initial visit from Heather Bienefelt, the company Director.  This is how I like to do things.  I like to meet the person who I will be working with.  We also had a visit from a senior consultant, Stephen Nicholson who went over everything as well and went away, reviewed all Doc’s and reported back to Heather as to what needed to be done.  The requirements were presented to another consultant, Karen Willis who had worked previously with Vic Roads and was used to working with this type of project.  Karen submitted the revised documentation to me for review within a short timeframe.

The project was very streamlined and pretty easy.  It cost me half a dozen hours of my time to answer questions and the project went well”.

Sean Holmes
Guardrail Installations

“Over the last 3 years I have worked with Kate Jackson on a range of projects from Dam construction to Gathering system works in the CSG industry. I have always found Kate to be a great asset to our team. Her problem solving skills are second to none; the solutions she finds are both practical and cost effective. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kate to any CSG organisation/contractor and look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Leighton Contractors

“Stuart was a gentleman. He was also very helpful and informative and assisted us greatly in advising us of what is involved in the forthcoming audit.  We have mentioned to him that once we are certified, we would like Stuart to continue to work with Metcalf Cranes on a semi-regular basis to keep things in order and we will definitely be in touch with Stuart again to request more of his time”.

Brek Mansfield
Metcalf Crane Services

North Projects reached out to ICS when we realised we needed to transition to the new version of the ISO 9001 standard in preparation for our recertification audit.  Jeff, our ICS consultant, initially did a gap analysis to assess where we were at and provide a structure for us to work towards.  He was very good.  Rather than doing things by the book, he helped us to understand how the requirements of the standards could be applied to our business.  We passed our recertification audit with no issues thanks to Jeff’s assistance, so a great success.  We are currently considering using ICS for our internal audits as well.

Penny Victorsen
North Projects Pty Ltd

“We were in the process of starting up a new company.  The original company had an old QA system in place so we needed to update the system to make it more relevant to the new company and its requirements.  We also wanted to implement OHS 4801, which we didn’t previously have.

The consultant, Karen Willis was fantastic and had great communication skills.  Karen looked in depth into our current system and the processes that we had in place and provided us with very relevant feedback about what we were required to do to become compliant with both standards.  Karen provided a list of all the requirements to achieve certification.

Karen would take the time to sit and discuss everything with us, which ultimately gave us a very clear indication of the type of things we needed to improve.

We are still in the process of going through everything that Karen suggested and we are confident that in the long term our business will improve overall.”

Anna Goodwill
Platinum Group

“ICS helped develop a cloud based Environmental Management System for us. Our consultants Sonia and Adam were great, they were so helpful and extremely knowledgeable, nothing was ever a problem for them. We look forward to seeing the difference this certification makes to our business and will definitely work with ICS again in the future.”

Simon Heyblok
Prolific Stone International

“Stephen from Integrated Consulting Solutions has made us feel very comfortable and relaxed whilst going through the process of obtaining our OHS/Quality & Environmental Management Systems. From our very first meeting we could tell that he is an expert in this field and his professionalism and knowledge have continued to prove this to us along the journey. He has been willing to help us in any way and has worked with us to develop a system that is tailor made for our company, and that will be easy for us to operate. He is a great communicator and the system that he has developed for us this far has already exceeded our expectations. For any future clients, Stephen is the man to deal with”.

Steve Shore
SRS Construction & Management Services Pty Ltd

We appointed Stephen Nicholson of Integrated Consulting Solutions to review and improve processes within NBN product delivery workflow.

Before working with ICS, we needed a fresh set of eyes to look at our existing documentation and systems.

Stephen highlighted areas which were more critical than we first thought and suggested putting certain controls in place within the organisation.

It is too early to tell as we need to action Stephen’s recommendations, however Stephen has brought certain things to our attention that we would have otherwise over-looked.

Stephen’s approach worked well. He involved people internally well which is sometimes a problem and the whole process worked well. He put together a good presentation which was engaging. He has also stayed in touch with good follow up and has asked if there is anything else we need.

John Fagan
Warren & Brown Technologies Pty Limited


“Transitioning from paper-based documentation to a digital platform us has allowed us to not only review but organise and streamline our processes. Now, everything is all in one place that is accessible and easy to understand, we can manage our recruitment, onboarding, and training; assign responsibilities and tasks to staff, manage sign in sheets, meeting agendas, notes, checklists, customer satisfaction and much more. Our ICS consultant Sonia was great, we loved her- she was informative, supportive, professional, and patient. We would definitely be interested in working with ICS again.”

Jenny-Lee Wundke
Com Clean Australia

Frank, our consultant from ICS, was initially tasked with helping us transition from AS4801 to ISO 45001. Since then he has provided annual internal audits to our HSEQ Integrated management system.  Frank is very detailed in his auditing, non-confrontational and easy to work with and understand.  Being able to deep dive into the frameworks of each standard provides us the ability to communicate changes in documentation easily to our internal workforce. We have been very happy with the help from Frank and the ICS team”.

Clea Vazquez
Consolidated Property Services

Consulting & Strategy

“We first contacted Integrated Consulting Solutions as we needed assistance with the development of a Quality, Environmental and OHS Management System for certification to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 and AS 4801.

We didn’t know where to start and needed guidance about what to do and how to approach getting all our documentation up to scratch.

Jeff Keane our consultant, was easy to work with and very effective.  He did everything he said he was going to do and he was a pleasure to work with.  It wasn’t the daunting task that we initially thought it would be.

We have recently become certified to all three standards and we anticipate it will differentiate us from our competitors as to date; none of them have this certification.

Overall, we were very impressed with Jeff’s professionalism.  He was very approachable and very helpful and made the whole process very easy”.

Samantha Jeffrey
Godek International

When we first approached ICS we were in the process of putting together the documentation required for a Quality, Environmental and OHS management system.  Ronie Magcamit, our consultant helped us with advice and guidance to ensure we were on track.

Ronie was a great communicator and got along with everyone within our company and his knowledge helped us to achieve accreditation by complying with the ISO standards.

ICS are a great organization to work with and we would like to thank them, especially Ronie for their support.

Nicole Noy
Indigenous Design

Naturecall had previously engaged another consultant to help with implementing an integrated management system.  They were more OH&S focused and provided a large amount of system documentation to Naturecall which made it very confusing and hard to implement.  We needed someone to do a complete review of our documents and make it simple and easier to follow while still being compliant.

ICS assisted by removing the layer of confusion that was our system.  They gave us a simple list of achievable objectives, while educating us at the same time.

Our consultant, Ruth Lee was excellent. Many people can find systems, procedures etc very confusing and overwhelming but Ruth explained everything very simply and clearly, making my job as the systems coordinator easier as I was able to learn myself and then educate the rest of the business.

Our business now has a lot more clarity and more structure.  We now have more opportunity to improve.

I would highly recommend Ruth and ICS to any business looking at implementing an integrated system into their business.

Chantal Sargeant

Consulting & Strategy, Engineering

“We recently contracted ICS to assist us with one of the many steps required to be pre-qualified with a governmental organisation for the purpose of tendering.  We were required to have an internal audit and accreditation of our Quality and OHS Management System.

Craig D’Souza, the consultant we worked with, had a great understanding of the nature of our business and he went through the whole process with me providing the necessary feedback and suggestions for continued improvement.

Following the internal audit, areas requiring improvement were discussed and suitably addressed under the close monitoring and supervision of Craig.

Working with ICS exceeded my expectations. Craig was willing to explain all aspects and factors of this process. He was always open to discussion and helped further enhance my understanding and knowledge of the OHS and Quality systems, as opposed to just providing yes and no answers”.

Gee Singh
Senior Geotechnical Engineer
Ground Science Pty Ltd


“Paul Lanagan reviewed our legislative requirements for OHS and EMS and then commenced a gap review of compliance to AS 4801 and ISO 14001. Following this he provided new procedures in relation to the management aspects of the two standards for inclusion in our existing quality management system.

Paul was easy to deal with. He quickly understood our needs andresponded as they grew. He took the time to listen to how we operated and taught us a lot in easy language about how we can fit the additional compliance requirements into our QMS.”

Kate Partenio
GTA Consultants

Jonoco Pty Ltd made the decision to seek ISO 9001, AS 4801 and ISO 14001 compliance in early 2013 and engaged Stephen from ICS Pty Ltd to assist in that process.

Jonoco’s existing management systems were quite basic so it was a case of virtually starting from scratch.

From the very outset, the advice, support and experience that Stephen has provided has been invaluable. His knowledge of business management systems is extensive and he always finds innovative solutions to the myriad of issues we faced on our journey to system compliance.

Working together we have been able to create a business management system tailored to the nature and size of our business and we are grateful for his support.

I would definitely recommend Stephen as a business management consultant for any business especially for small to medium size enterprises.

Jeremy Kloppenborg
Jonoco Pty Ltd

Whilst we had existing systems in place, we essentially needed guidance on aligning these to assist with achieving our ISO 9001:2015 certification.

We engaged ICS and their consultant, Ksenia Wagensveld assisted us in identifying any gaps and guided us to successful certification.

Ksenia provided us with great ideas and was really easy to work with.  A fresh set of eyes to oversee our existing systems was of great benefit too.  She was friendly, had great ideas and gave good feedback on our existing system.

With Ksenia’s assistance, we were able to achieve certification and our processes are now running smoothly.

We would definitely approach ICS again for future assistance in relation to their other services relating to compliance

Michelle Ladru
Lambert & Rehbein

“We utilise the ICS legislation update service and have done for years. As a company with many facets, the service enables staff to easily understand new legislative impacts and requirements, that in turn allows timely changes to be incorporated into company process. The information provided is comprehensive and the ICS team and our consultant Karen, are really approachable, communicate well and are always able to adapt to our changing requirements.” 

Anna Brett

Education & Training

ICS provide support for our annual internal audits for ISO 27001 and 9001. We have worked with other ISO organisations in the past, but they have never allowed us to achieve 100% results on external audits like ICS has.

Our recent audit with consultant Stephen, was fantastic. Stephen is great to talk to and works independently, which not only was a great timesaver for me, but also reinforces the fact that our documents are easy to read and readily accessible.

He was a true professional and I would highly recommend him and ICS to other organisations.

Vanessa Ollivier

Food and Beverages

Beechworth Bakery is a growing business and we were using a standard on-line food safety plan which we were finding difficult to work with.

We discussed a new approach and decided to build an independent business specific plan to suit our requirements which we could use companywide- instead of having 6 individual plans.

We appointed ICS to assist us with building this system and they offered what we required.

Glenda Hamilton, the consultant worked with us with ease after an initial chat about what we needed.  We were most impressed with the accessibility and useability of the new system and the fact that it is electronic and easy to navigate and amend. For example, if someone wants to know how to handle certain products when they are deliveries they can refer to the plan and the information is all there.

ICS were really good with following up with us as we had a lot of things going on in the background and they kept in regular touch with us to maintain the flow of the project.

Holly Mendham
Beechworth Bakery


We first started working with ICS, as we were looking for someone who had the skills to streamline, integrate and update our documented management system.  We needed a consultant to provide a gap analysis and some milestones and targets for the future, as we didn’t have anyone within the business with that level of knowledge.

When we initially made contact with ICS, there was a very quick response with a name of the person that the company felt could achieve this task, Linda McNeill.  They provided a copy of Linda’s bio including her background and this was enough for us to make a decision that Linda was the right person and in the right location.  We decided we could take it further.

Linda is one of the few consultants we have worked with where we had great feedback from everybody she was involved with.  She is enthusiastic, positive and very efficient in the way she handles things and people came away from being interviewed, with a sense she knew her stuff and they felt very comfortable talking to her.  She also broadened the scope and didn’t just stick to the initial brief.  She went beyond and dug a bit deeper and fulfilled the report in a more comprehensive way.

Linda came in and provided a quick turnaround to produce the report and she did so efficiently.

It is a bit early to tell what impact this report has had on our business as it is currently being considered by stalk holders, however so far feedback has been positive to the ideas she has put forward.  It is a complex process and challenges lie ahead, however we hope to turn her great ideas into reality with the resources and structure we have got.

We hope we can take advantage of her expertise going forward as having a mentor/expert is one of the options we think will need to be taken forward to maximise the benefit of her advice.

Daniel Hogan
Goulburn Valley Water

Healthcare & Medical

“Our company produces medical products and as such we were required by the TGA to attain certification and the ability to carry out internal audits.  As a small company it was difficult to do this for ourselves, which is the reason we enlisted the expertise of ICS.

Andy Holmes was our consultant and wWe were really impressed with  our ICS consultant’ sapproach and planning.   It was a very well thought out and simplified process.  Andy was able to assess the situation and figure out exactly what it was that we needed, why it was needed and how to satisfy the TGA without an excessive workload.

Through Andy’s simplification of the processes, we were able to learn his approach and reapply to all of our procedures.

ICS completely exceeded our expectations.  Andy’s approach was quite unique and more than we expected.

Overall, we were very happy with the achieved results.”

Jarrod McShane, Manager, Production and Logistics
ActivLife Technologies Pty Ltd

“Great job in enrolling and including all staff in the process (despite some reluctant participants)

Very personable and good level of communication with grass roots level staff and quality manager

The implementation of our quality system through ICS’s guidance has significantly improved our business practices and ability to consistently meet our customer’s requirements. We are very pleased with the outcomes that have been achieved.”

Rod Cooper
Australian Orthotic Technologies

We had many systems in place but had reached the point where we wanted to become ISO 9001 compliant.

Stephen was our ICS consultant.  He commenced the project by looking at what systems we had in place and analysed it to see what we did and did not have in place and worked with us through the project providing training and mentoring.

We got on really well with Stephen, he is good natured, easy to work with and was a good mentor, without spoon feeding us.  He provided excellent training where it was required.

This has now given us the opportunity to strategize our long term goals and to sort out our systems through logical steps, processes and policies. This has given our company maturity. It has made our people more aware of their roles and responsibilities, KPIs and we’ve received good patient feedback.  It has also shown us not only how to collect data but also to put it to good use.

On the whole it has been a very good and interesting experience.

Ben McMurtie
Geelong Orthotics

We contacted ICS to update our Quality Management System to ISO 9001:2015.

Our ICS consultant, Heather, conducted a complete review of our system and made recommendations as to what was required for the upgrade and then assisted with the preparation of documents.

Our ICS consultant Heather was thorough and efficient ensuring that we got exactly what we required without spending time on things that we didn’t need.

During the audit, the auditor commented that Heather had done a great job in preparing the necessary materials without going over the top.  The auditor was very impressed with the way that Heather tackled the requirements of the new standard by doing a SWOT, followed by a Risk Analysis.

Heather was excellent; she is really good at being consultative and helping come up with the answers. The upgrade of the system has given us a better understanding for the future planning of the business and I would highly recommend ICS’s services.

Rod Cooper

Stephen helped Rehability to develop a robust Business system in order to successfully pass ISO 9001 certification.

“We found the service of great value because it enabled us to progress our Business Management system strongly. Stephen is a clear communicator who was easily embraced by staff. He has EXCELLENT documentation and template development skills and a good ability to translate operational issues into Management strategy and business management system improvement. We would be very likely to recommend Stephen and ICS to others.”

Trevor Poole

In January 2017, UPI appointed Integrated Compliance Solutions to establish a Quality management system.

Our current system was pre-historic and needed a total revamp. We needed professional help in order to transition to the new standard and improve our existing system which had not been changed in 17 years.

ICS did the job and Stephen our consultant was fantastic. He provided great value and we were very happy with his work. I was happy to spend the money not just for compliance but to get the benefits of an upgraded system and we really do feel we have achieved that.

Our auditor said that it is some of the best work he has ever seen.  I would definitely recommend Heather and Stephen from Integrated Compliance Solutions to anyone considering working with them.

Stephen Elverd, Accountant
UPI (United Pacific Industries)

IT Services

“We are very satisfied with the service received to date. Our initial audits have been comprehensive and have provided useful feedback for ways we can improve our system.

Heather has organised our Internal Audit schedule and offered suggestions for ways to improve our quality systems to make it more user friendly.

Heather is friendly and professional and was able to work well with the members of our team. Her reports were comprehensive and offered good suggestions for improvement as well as identifying possible areas of weakness in our system.”

Deborah Scott
eLearning People Pty Ltd

Our own Quality and Compliance Manager became unwell suddenly and had to take leave.  This resulted in us having no one to drive the system. Although we were certified to 9001, the absence of our Quality Manager resulted in some of the systems lapsing and some scheduled tasks needed driving to get us back on track.

The first thing that Stephen did was to perform internal audits in seven areas to determine our level of compliance.  That was a starting point and we worked on correcting any non-compliances in preparation for our external audit.

Stephen then helped us through the external audits because he gained knowledge around our system and he used that knowledge to help guide the external auditor.

Stephen was really good; he was very professional and knowledgeable about the standard and was able to provide us with really good advice.  Without his help, the external audit may have resulted in non-compliance.

Sian Duffin
Interactive Pty Ltd/Erase IT


“We were looking at getting accreditation for ISO 9001:2008 and required Integrated Consulting Solutions to conduct a Gap analysis to establish where we currently were at.  We had a manual in place but this was not affective.

On completing the Gap Analysis, Linda McNeill, our consultant at ICS helped us with the findings and put procedures in place for us to get in line with ISO 9001:2008.

The new procedures should in theory allow our business to run more smoothly.

Linda was very professional, very eager and very approachable.

We set a very narrow timeframe of 3 months and we managed to do it with ICS’s help”.

Oliver Bain
Abdex Industries

We had a problem with internal audits, which stemmed from a number of staff changes within the organisation. The consultant, John Walker, was really great, we had no issues with him at all.  John developed an internal audit schedule and he started doing some of the internal audits for us, and will continue to do so.  The work that John did helped us comply with ISO9001 and it is very important in our industry to have that standard.

Damien Street
ASP Plastics

Before we contacted Integrated Consulting Solutions, we were overwhelmed. They helped us with the consolidation and efficiency of our internal auditing matters. Since appointing them, the time efficiency of our business has now been improved and they have helped with the consistency of our reporting and we now have the ability to confirm or identify problems when they arise. We were very happy with Stuart Wattis the Consultant employed by Integrated Consulting Solutions and we would have no hesitation in recommending the organisation to a business associate or friend if they require this type of service.

Sue Bell
Belmatic Industries

In the final stages of implementing our integrated management system, we realized we needed some help with compliance and document reduction. From start to finish ICS was amazing, Charlene, the team, and our consultant Mina, kept us informed throughout the whole process. Mina ensured the certification process was streamlined and simple, creating and implementing an internal auditing plan which included inspecting our premises. She also helped us choose and obtain quotes from accreditation companies. Our results were fantastic, we were able to achieve no non-conformances in our stage 2 audit. We are so thankful for the communication and support provided by ICS.

Jennifer Searson
Blue Sky Modular

“We first contacted Integrated Consulting Solutions as our QA Consultant had had an accident.  We were 35-40 % into it when Paul Lanagan was appointed.

I am a good judge of character and when I read Paul’s details, I was confident even before I met him.  I was right about him.  Paul is very good and you won’t find many consultants like that out there.  He got on with the team here.  He was diplomatic and approachable while putting the message across.

He has got the background for our industry and he was spot on and had a very thorough understanding.  He was methodical, easy to approach and easy to deal with.  He listened to you and did not just give his opinion.  He was pretty proactive and good at advising what was required.   

Paul was approachable and is really good with people.  I was really concerned about getting certification to ISO 9001 and 14001.  Paul assured me.  He was always more positive than I was and very encouraging and very much focussed.

I have dealt with Paul since August and myself and other members of the team did not have any issues, his work speaks for himself.

From an Industry point of view he was very good, I cannot fault him and I would definitely recommend him”.

Harbhajan Heyer
E Systems

We recently utilised the services of one of your delightful consultants – Dr. Ajay Shah. I just wanted to drop you a quick note to express how useful he was when he conducted his recent Internal Audit in the lead-up to our BRC and WQA audits forthcoming at our Hallam site. I am championing the quality systems at this site and I found his knowledge very beneficial to help me prepare for this audit and I really appreciated him spending a bit of extra time with me to really dig down and sort out a few issues with the systems here. I will be recommending him again to our Senior Management. Thank-you for all your assistance

Emma Smith
Fyna Foods

The consultant who maintained Quality Management System certifiable to ISO 9001: 2008, had retired.  Therefore, we needed someone to take his place monitoring the system and to advise us, through the internal audit process, of anything that needed any improvement.

Luana, our ICS consultant, has been fantastic.  She has great communication skills, is efficient and good at what she does.  We are very happy with her.

The continuation of the maintenance of our quality management system has had a continued positive impact on our business.

Shannon Peterson
Gabbin Paper Tubes

Impact Digital had a HSEQ management system up and running and we needed to perform internal audits, however wanted an external auditor to perform these.

We had an internal member of staff who looked after all of the OH&S requirements, however she left the company and we needed someone to fill the gap.

The ICS consultant Paul Lanagan attends onsite 10 times a year on a monthly basis and performs these audits.  He also holds the quarterly management meetings.

The current system is now more professional and Paul provides new ideas for improving the system.  This was not the case when audits were performed internally.  Everything now works well.

Heath Nankervis
Impact Digital

The Consultant Alvaro Pescador was very good. I worked closely with him approximately 1 year ago when he was representing Moody’s. He was quite thorough and had a nice manner and was quite encouraging and was not a negative auditor which we liked. He had very good technical knowledge especially environmentally and helped to explain some things about systems which we hadn’t understood.

Leanne Taylor

When we first started working with ICS we had tried to get FSC Certified with other consultants, but it seemed too complex.  ICS’s consultant George Bozinis came along and made it easy.

After much rigorours work with George coming in consulting, documenting and making things simple, the Forest Stewardship Council granted the Chain of Custody (CoC) certificate.  CoC refers to the mechanism of tracking documentation or paper that records the sequence of custody, control, transfer, examination and siposition of physical or electronic evidence.

George had the ability to communicate with us and allowed it to be a successful process.

Now my business is experiencing creditability within the industry and we have met the most challenging standard for responsible forestry internationally.

George was fantastic, he took the complexity out of the work and he drafted the manual.  The previous consultant couldn’t get the information and manual to get together, whereas George made it straight forward.  George Knows his stuff and is very easy to talk too, he even made a point of following things up.

Ron Sangster
Maxi Plywood

We contacted Integrated Consulting Solutions as our QA Manager had left and I was not familiar with this role. We needed someone to look after quality assurance and put us in the right direction. The Consultant, Ron Alderson, basically took over the role and ran it, cutting the processes down and streamlining them. Ron has been very good for our business and did everything we wanted him to do.

Jeff James

When Onpack started working with ICS in February 2018, we had documented processes but no quality manual whatsoever.

We engaged ICS to carry out a gap analysis which identified what needed to be done to obtain ISO9001 certification.  Paul Lanagan, our ICS consultant, helped us develop a Quality manual and business processes which allowed us to successfully obtain certification to ISO9001 in June the same year.

We are now compliant and have a continuous improvement process for our business.  Paul did an excellent job and did exactly what we expected of him.

We look forward to working with Paul to maintain our management system by conducting regular internal audits and we will work with ICS again in the near future to obtain other certifications.

Michael Nankervis

Stephen has recently completed a Business Process Improvement project with excellent feedback.

“The consultant Stephen provided and excellent 2 day workshop which was commenced by getting the mindset of change in all of the participants and then breaking down the processes to show what was hindering performance. We then set an action plan for change. We were very satisfied with the results and found the breakdown in time and costs very informative.”

Graham Wise
Position Partners

When we first approached Integrated Compliance Solutions we were at the basic stage of developing a Quality management system and had a blank canvas. We did not have many procedures in place and we were working to mirror a Quality management system.

Raquel Cochrane our consultant helped our company overcome what we thought would be a daunting bureaucracy creating extra workload.

Raquel identified the weaknesses in our systems and encouraged our team to unite and get on board with the project. It was a lot of work, but Raquel helped overcome this and she started to document procedures and identified what we could do, tailoring it our needs.

Since having a compliant Quality management system in place, our company has reliable traceability for the first time. Prior to this, we had minimal documentation for customer service and production. Our company is now safer and more accountable, and we know where parts are.

Raquel was very helpful and fitted in with the team without being overbearing. She was very professional, polite and friendly and we couldn’t have done it without her.

Shellby Power appreciates all ICS have done to assist us and we would have been lost without them. They made what would have been a daunting task, less daunting.

Non- Profit & Community

“We were six weeks out from an audit and required assistance in getting over the line in the first stage of our ISO and DHS assessment.  We contacted ICS and Heather Bienefelt was they were really flexible and timely in their response.

Our ICS consultant was fantastic.  She fitted into our environment really well and was able to assist in terms of working in the disability sector, which is historically a sector that does not fit into the ISO framework.  Heather was very knowledgeable and was able to really customise the ISO to fit the organisation.

Heather exceeded our expectations in terms of the way that she was able to make a complex system fit into our current system and made it specific  to the disability sector.  She was non judgmental in her approach which was particularly helpful in terms of allowing us to develop a good working relationship and to make a positive impact”.

We have now been able to gain accreditation in our sector.   NSS has a stronger and more consistent approach to quality, and our people have more knowledge, the key now is to move forward with a continuous improvement approach.

Kylie Betts
Northern Support Specialists

Rental and Hiring Services

“Just a quick note, slightly belated, to say thank you for getting Kate Jackson to do our internal audit on 23 Apr. Her professionalism showed through at every turn! Not only did she speak in terms that a truck driver could understand but also went up and beyond what I would have expected for an audit, providing advice and guidance all the way through. A very refreshing approach considering our other encounters in trying to get this thing off of the ground!

We are currently progressing through the Gap Analysis and Kate has continued to provide beneficial feedback and guidance.

Again, many thanks for putting Kate onto us; she has restored a lot of faith in the OH&S system!”

Trevor Suridge
Operations Supervisor

Retail & Consumer Products

“Stephen was both knowledgeable and patient. He offered guidance rather than instruction and based on his recommendations, we were able to implement a quality management system and pass certification within 3 months. Stephen’s experience in process excellence was evident. He quickly understood our existing business systems which allowed us to ameliorate existing processes before implementing anything new. In the event we did implement new processes, he knowledgeably guided us on the most efficient way to do so that aligned with ISO 9001:2008 standard. He was readily available to consult and provided thoughtful, concise feedback when requested”.

Jane Bond
Sunpower Corporation

Solar, Renewables, Energy Solutions

We engaged ICS to help with an Internal Audit. The ICS team were very supportive, fast and on top of everything. Our consultant Dean was very professional, he explained the process very clearly, was responsive and provided lots of recommendations. We were very impressed with the service and will contact ICS again for our next audit.

Alejandra Diago
FRV Services Australia

Sport & Recreation

“I am very satisfied with the service and documentation provided by ICS. The service is both prompt and professional and the information is delivered in a customer friendly manner.

Our consultant always maintains his professionalism, is polite and helpful in all instances and generously shares his knowledge.”

Nicole Hare
Moonee Valley Race Course


“We engaged with ICS prior to being recertified to ensure our documentation and processes were in line with current ISO requirements. Our consultant Victor was well rounded and understood the requirements of our industry well. He customised templates and recreated our processes to ensure they fit the standard clauses; we learnt a lot from the process. Being certified is very important in our line of business, and we have been happy with the results.”

Dean Ali
Ashworth Australia

“ICS Consulting have been instrumental in their assistance to Certatech during their accreditation period. Passing accreditation on all aspects first time was a great achievement and one we are very grateful to ICS more importantly to Paul and very proud of ourselves.

Our ICS onsultant Paul has been fantastic in our efforts to achieve accreditation. His knowledge across all 3 requirements, Quality, Safety and Environment is second to none. We are extremely satisfied with service provided by ICS.”

Pam Dennis

Trades & Services

“It was a great experience working with Ron Alderson from Integrated Consulting Solutions. His expertise helped us to improve our current systems and achieving our certification on ISO 9001:2008. Our processes are now much more efficient and I believe it helped us to grow as a business. We are now able to track daily/weekly and monthly processes and take accountable management decisions. Now we use Ron Alderson’s expertise on a regular basis. He has input so much into our systems and we are planning to use Integrated Consulting Solutions towards achieving ISO 14001 in early 2013”.

Martin Premachandra
Blue Sky Services(Vic) Pty Ltd

We had a requirement to go through a prequalification process with PICS to approve us to work with the Metro Trains Group in Melbourne.  As we looked into the process it became clear that this was going to be quite a time consuming task.

We contacted ICS to perform this service for us.  This turned out to be a very successful process. It was very straightforward.  ICS did all the ground work and liaised with us for information that we needed to provide.  Their help took a lot off my plate at a very busy time.  Next time it’s going to be even easier because ICS has prepared everything.

We are now compliant and as a result we have also been invited to submit a tender for upcoming works. Since then, we have also been able to easily comply with two more prequalification systems as a result because all the documentation was in place.

I worked with Marina from ICS on this project.  Marina was very professional in her approach both to PICS and ourselves and we found her very easy to communicate with.  Using this service certainly made my life much easier!

Laresa Bassi
Construct Traffic

We appointed Integrated Consulting Solutions to maintain our Integrated management system certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AS 4801. A Gap Analysis of our system was performed by Stephen Nicholson on 9th December 2013.

We were extremely impressed with Stephen and his professional, yet friendly and easy to understand approach.  ISO is not the easiest thing to implement but Stephen made it very simple for our company and after only one day on site, he highlighted areas of concern that I took on board and have made serious changes that in turn help the company and most importantly look after the safety of all staff.

I personally called Stephen to thank him and I am looking forward to going through additional suggestions in the new year with him.

I would rate Integrated Consulting Solutions and in particular Stephen, as 10 out of 10!

Connie Musumeci
Daac Holdings

ICS assisted our company to create a compliant HSEQ management system.  They did this using their industry specific cleaning template system which was customised to our company and operations and compliant to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001 and AS 4801.

Karen Willis was our consultant and she was perfect for both Daniel and I.   Karen had a great grasp of what we needed and when we provided the documents we had, Karen was able to marry them up with the new format and make it all consistent.  We now have a really great template for everything.

Karen was very accommodating and she came to our office, which worked very well for us. The work was all done to a really high standard.

We’ve had a really good experience with both Karen and Heather, and we thank them a lot.

Nathan Brown
Major Property Services

In December 2012 Window Energy Solutions employed Heather of Integrated Consulting Solutions to design and produce a business profile booklet outlining and promoting our Company.

It was to outline W.E.S. strengths, processes, procedures, experience and products. The brief was to produce a document of honesty and quality that we could present to prospective clients.

Initially I thought the process would require a one or two hour meeting for Integrated Consulting Solutions to build an understanding of our company.  Heather and her colleague

Stephen actually spent a whole day with me, understanding what W.E.S. are about and also giving fabulous business advice with regard to processes, procedures and documentation.

The completed booklet has now been delivered and it is even better than I had hoped.  I have already given it to three contacts and the feedback on the booklet and the professionalism of

W.E.S. has certainly made the process worthwhile.  This business profile booklet, I believe, will help us to attain major clients with large contracts.

I would certainly recommend Heather and Integrated Consulting Solutions to anyone or any Company wishing to do a similar project.

Andrew Hudson
Window Energy Solutions

“The moment TSS Australasia decided that we wanted ISO 9001:2015 certification, we approached ICS to assist.

ICS and their consultant Graham Dibdin, supported and guided us in identifying any changes which were required to our existing system and helped to correct anything we had in place so that we passed our certification audit with flying colours.

Graham our consultant did a great job and his leadership was superb during this process.

With ICS’s help, we achieved accreditation easily and this has opened up more doors and opportunities to existing clients and new.

It was an easy process and we would have no hesitation in approaching ICS for any assistance in the future.”

Peter Vaughan
TSS Australasia


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