Choosing the right Compliance Software

Compliance software systems – the new frontier

Designed to both simplify and promote worker participation and leadership through a simple platform that everyone can use, the right compliance software solution can allow you to manage your workforce remotely and increase the effectiveness of your compliance management.

Offering real time visibility of your environment, health & safety, risk, and quality compliance requirements, a compliance software solution creates an integrated online environment for all your compliance needs.

Thinking of moving your compliance into the cloud?

Taking your paper based, digital, or somewhere in between, safety, quality, environment and supplier systems into the cloud can take your business growth to the next level and future proof your compliance obligations.

The right compliance software solution can consolidate and configure your compliance systems into one efficient platform to:

  • IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY: Mobile, cloud-based platforms help you automate time consuming, repetitive, paper-based tasks and free up your team’s time for the work that matters.
  • COLLECT DATA FASTER: Recording evidence of events and completing compliance or other forms wherever your workforce is, on their device-of-choice, eliminates the barriers to conformance.
  • REPORT & ANALYSE: Compare and contrast information across multiple people and sites in real time to identify patterns , system improvements and training needs so you can fix problems before it’s too late.
  • MANAGE SAFETY FROM ANYWHERE: Access your safety incidents in real time from anywhere and make sure issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.
  • IMPROVE CO-OPERATION AND INFORMATION FLOW: Reduce duplication, and connect your workforce through simple workflow solutions designed for time efficiency.

Finding the right software for your business

With a myriad of single and all-in-one compliance platforms on the market, it can be hard to find and select the one that’s right for your business’s needs today…. and tomorrow.

But we can help. With a comprehensive understanding of the leading compliance software platforms in Australia and New Zealand, we’ve developed a simple, cost-effective cloud-based platform:

Our Solution: Digital IMS+

“Digital IMS+” was born out of the fruitless search for a compliance software platform that was easy to use, had all the cutting edge functionality people have come to expect from apps as well as having a philosophy of continuous improvement. It was also very improtant to us that the company we chose prioritised the ability to sync with increasing numbers of apps commonly used by our clients.

Our IMS platform not only stores all your documents online as a “single source of truth”, it also takes care of many of the manual repetitive tasks associated with maintaining ISO compliance:

  • Removes the need for clunky paper-based/ word forms.
  • Online forms allow for real-time data to be automatically entered from workers in the field, for example.
  • Provides an effective means of communication via the app
  • Automation of register updates, employment record updates and the like.
  • Reports can be accessed by customer login if required.
  • Audits can be conducted remotely where required- by auditors and customers alike if required.

Here is  a short demo video:

About Integrated Compliance Solutions

Operating across Australia since 2007, we specialise in compliance solutions for small to medium businesses across every sector.

Founded by Heather Bienefelt, the Integrated Compliance Solutions team draws on over 150 years of collective experience and now covers all aspects of compliance, including ISO, AS, TS, OHS and more.

With experience across most industries, our consultants will help identify what you need, develop a plan to get you there, and support you in achieving your goals.

Our consultants, have backgrounds in education, law, business, management, manufacturing, trades, mining, construction, engineering, technology and science, and are determined to add value to your bottom line.

The values at the foundation of our business:

  • We believe in serving and supporting our clients, consultants, staff and stakeholders;
  • We conduct ourselves ethically at all times;
  • We believe in practicing excellence in all areas of our business;
  • We advocate a positive culture focused on cultivating strengths and finding solutions;
  • We aim to reduce complexity through integrated, efficient, effective systems;
  • We are dedicated to innovation, learning and the sharing of knowledge;
  • We believe in continuous improvement and productivity in terms of both business and personal growth;
  • We believe in acting in a socially conscious manner, that involves fostering dignity, equality and respect.

Contact us today regarding your compliance software needs

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