Cloud-based IMS for compliance and better business management

When it comes to housing small business systems and meeting compliance requirements on an ongoing basis, your organisation needs the support of a reliable and user-friendly platform. The right compliance management system software helps you manage your workforce remotely and increases the effectiveness of your ISO compliance.  

A cloud-based integrated management system (IMS) is a digital solution that future proofs your business and allows you to reach your core objectives of achieving ISO certification. Operating within a quality, cloud-based IMS makes compliance with ISO standards not only attainable, but simple. 

Compliance management software allows you to better manage:

  • Workflows and documents
  • Compliance, legal obligation, licence and permit registers
  • Incidents and actions 
  • Non-conformances and issues
  • The risk of potential impacts to the business
  • Asset maintenance
  • Industry-specific audits and inspections 
  • Contractors, employees and suppliers 
  • Meetings and agendas
  • And ideally much more. 

The benefits of cloud-based systems include:

  • The ability to easily manage compliance in the field
  • Improved administrative, communication and employee efficiency 
  • Increased productivity and improved communication through automated processes
  • Access to real-time data, information and insights remotely
  • Freedom and flexibility of employees being able to work remotely
  • Customers impressed by communication and reporting systems
  • Scalability for your business to grow.

Taking compliance management to the cloud

While it is possible to run a successful SME and adhere to standards using a manual paper-based system or a local server-based software solution, taking your compliance to the cloud represents a major step forward in the growth of your business. A cloud-based IMS is a compliance solution providing real-time online visibility of your environment, health and safety, risk, field work, and other processes and activities. In other words, all your compliance needs can be integrated in a single digital space that’s available from anywhere. 

If you operate a business in a highly regulated industry – and even more so if you find yourself missing out on tenders for key government or large commercial contracts – implementing simple, cost-effective compliance management software in Australia can help your business get (and stay) compliant. 

The right compliance management software can consolidate and configure your compliance systems into one efficient platform, enabling your business to:

  • BOOST PRODUCTIVITY: Mobile, cloud-based platforms help you automate time-consuming, repetitive  tasks and free up time for your team to do the work that matters most.
  • COLLECT DATA FASTER: Recording evidence of events and completing compliance or other forms wherever your workforce is, on their device of choice, eliminates the barriers to conformance.
  • REPORT & ANALYSE: Compare and contrast information across multiple people and sites in real-time to identify patterns, system improvements and training needs so you can fix issues before they become problems.
  • MANAGE SAFETY REMOTELY: Access your safety incidents in real-time from anywhere and make sure issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.
  • IMPROVE INFORMATION FLOW: Reduce duplication and connect your workforce through simple, efficient workflow solutions.

Digital IMS+ – the ultimate cloud-based compliance solution

Working closely with regulatory authorities and peak industry bodies, Integrated Compliance Solutions has developed a comprehensive, cloud-based, industry-specific compliance package that enables your business to automate tender, registration, licensing and certification requirements in one convenient paperless system. 

Digital IMS+ allows us to map your workflows to suit your individual business needs and integrate them into the cloud with all automations and notifications required. Along with freeing-up people for more vital work, automating workflow can reduce human error, ensure greater security and speed-up processes.

The communication tools provided by Digital IMS+ make capturing and actioning feedback easy. This helps ensure that long-lasting change is supported, and that employees are motivated to master new technology with a forward-thinking mindset.

Our exclusive Digital IMS+ package:

  • Delivers certification to relevant ISO standards
  • Gets you compliant in under 90 days (assuming prompt completion of tasks required for certification by client) so you can meet contract and tender requirements sooner.
  • Is fully customised to your business needs
  • Includes all SOPs and legal requirements.

Digital IMS+ makes it easy to:

  • Monitor every aspect of your business in real-time using dashboards
  • Enhance your team communication with live updates 
  • Effortlessly manage your risk register, legislation register, staff and contractor register, and chemical register
  • Tender for government and commercial contracts
  • Complete forms and upload images on the go 
  • Maximise business performance through workflow automations 
  • Quickly and easily search for anything across all your data
  • Impress customers with the most efficient systems and compliance
  • Maintain and adjust your systems as your needs change.


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Digital IMS+ features

Our no-fuss, cloud-based, end-to-end compliance solution packages offer a simplified way to demonstrate and meet your compliance requirements.

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