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– Reducing the Burden of ISO Compliance

Formerly Integrated Consulting Solutions, Integrated Compliance Solutions (ICS) has been supplying compliance solutions to SME’s around Australia since 2007.

Motivated to reduce the burden of traditional management systems, we make getting, and staying compliant, efficient, cost effective and easy… so that you can more easily and cost effectively compete for higher value, larger ongoing contracts.

ICS provides advice and support, all the way through to integrated end-to end compliance solutions, to the transport, construction, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, trade, essential services and Defence industries.

Founded by Heather Bienefelt, and drawing on well over 150 years of combined experience in compliance consulting, ICS is proud of its reputation for delivering tried and tested certification solutions that give growing businesses a winning edge.

We Know Compliance Like the Back of Our Hand

From ISO, to AS, from TS to OHS, if you need to get compliant, we can help. With industry expertise, and a passion for making businesses great, our consultants can help identify what you need, make a plan to get you there, and support you in reaching your goals.

Why does compliance matter?

Compliance is a general term used to describe the programs and activities designed to prevent and detect breaches of any laws, regulations, standards or codes. For many Australian business, compliance is essential to tender for contracts, provide organisational transparency, ensure workplace safety, and grow profit.

ICS Compliance:

  • Provides greater visibility about what’s going on in your business
  • Allows you to work with businesses that require evidence of corporate compliance
  • Details the standards and procedures your staff must follow
  • Makes it easier to train and on-board new staff
  • Reduces the prospect of criminal conduct
  • Makes it easier to comply with relevant legislative requirements
  • Drives safe, healthy workplaces

Our Range of Standards:

Get Compliant with ICS

With backgrounds in education, business, engineering, hospitality, technology and science, ICS consultants are matched with businesses looking to grow through the development of sound business systems rooted in ISO compliance. Determined to add value, not just cost to your bottom line, our consultants are respected industry experts who partner with you on your terms.


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About ICS Compliance

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