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– Reducing the Burden of ISO Compliance

Formerly Integrated Consulting Solutions, Integrated Compliance Solutions (ICS) has been supplying compliance solutions to SME’s around Australia since 2009.

Motivated to reduce the burden of traditional management systems, we make getting, and staying compliant, efficient, cost effective and easy… so that you can more easily and cost effectively compete for higher value, larger ongoing contracts.

ICS provides advice and support, all the way through to integrated end-to end compliance solutions, to the transport, construction, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, trade, essential services and Defence industries.

Founded by Heather Bienefelt, and drawing on well over 150 years of combined experience in compliance consulting, ICS is proud of its reputation for delivering tried and tested certification solutions that give growing businesses a winning edge.

We Know Compliance Like the Back of Our Hand

From ISO, to AS, from TS to OHS, if you need to get compliant, we can help. With industry expertise, and a passion for making businesses great, our consultants can help identify what you need, make a plan to get you there, and support you in reaching your goals.

Why does compliance matter?

Compliance is a general term used to describe the programs and activities designed to prevent and detect breaches of any laws, regulations, standards or codes. For many Australian business, compliance is essential to tender for contracts, provide organisational transparency, ensure workplace safety, and grow profit.

ICS Compliance:

  • Provides greater visibility about what’s going on in your business
  • Allows you to work with businesses that require evidence of corporate compliance
  • Details the standards and procedures your staff must follow
  • Makes it easier to train and on-board new staff
  • Reduces the prospect of criminal conduct
  • Makes it easier to comply with relevant legislative requirements
  • Drives safe, healthy workplaces

Our Range of Standards:

Get Compliant with ICS

With backgrounds in education, business, engineering, hospitality, technology and science, ICS consultants are matched with businesses looking to grow through the development of sound business systems rooted in ISO compliance. Determined to add value, not just cost to your bottom line, our consultants are respected industry experts who partner with you on your terms.


The ICS Difference

Providing ‘next level’ expert advice and support, with consulting, auditing and a truly revolutionary Digitally Integrated Management System (Digital IMS).

Motivated to reduce the burden of compliance, ICS was founded in 2009 to make ISO compliance more cost effective and efficient for SMEs; with robust and low maintenance compliance systems.

ICS is a market leading supplier of innovative compliance solutions for SMEs seeking higher value, larger ongoing contracts for which ISO certification is a requirement.

We help SMEs around Australia stay up-to-date with legislation changes and keep compliance in check with less effort, by automating workflows and eliminating as much documentation and manual checking as possible.

Having an integrated management system is one of the keys to helping you future-proof your business and enable you to be included in the trusted inner circle of suppliers for winning larger, ongoing contracts.

“Working with ICS exceeded my expectations.”
– Gee Singh, Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Ground Science Pty Ltd


Businesses that:

  • need compliance to keep or win a project or preferred supplier status
  • want the leanest, most practical system that will achieve ISO certification while minimising the work needed to stay compliant
  • want one shared point of access (in the cloud); cutting out the need for sending documents between isolated systems
  • need tailored, industry-specific expertise to develop, improve, maintain or add to their Business Management System
  • want a cost-effective, cloud-based platform for integrating all their compliance requirements into one cohesive solution
  • understand the value of building an IMS around existing systems instead of using a “quick and dirty” template system.

Standardise and streamline your processes

ICS’s Digital IMS is a cloud-based system which is lean, flexible and decreases the need for documentation; allowing you to standardise your processes across teams and in multiple sites or working from home (WFH) and enabling you to set up workflows to provide all your customers with the same high quality of service.

Improve business opportunities

Demonstrating a clear understanding of your compliance obligations means less perceived risk for your customers and makes your business more attractive to work with.

Reduce your risk

An ICS integrated management system (Digital IMS) gives you the ability to quickly and immediately identify risks in your business, OHS and environmental processes and develop strategies to eliminate them – preventing issues and clearing the path for growth.

Meet your legal requirements

ICS’s tailored compliance solutions make reporting on and maintaining your legislative obligations simple.

“Shellby Power appreciates all ICS have done to assist us and we would have been lost without them. They made what would have been a daunting task, less daunting.”
– Shellby Power

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At ICS, we are dedicated to helping SMEs by improving your systems and therefore streamlining your operations… so that you can win new business. Whether for ISO compliance, legislative updates, auditing or integrating your management software systems, we provide you with the expertise and assistance needed to achieve your organisational goals.

ICS – Innovative, Low-Burden ISO Compliance… to future-proof your business

Providing ‘next level’ expert advice and support, with consulting, auditing and a truly revolutionary Digitally Integrated Management System (Digital IMS).


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The ICS Compliance Difference

Innovative, low-burden ISO Compliance to future-proof your business

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