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Industry: Personnel provision for Technology (IT&T) and Business Project Management services

ICS’s Involvement: ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environmental) and AS 4801 (OHS) integrated management system design, implementation and audit in preparation for external certification, Legislation Register and Legislative Updates. Transition.

Proven Experts Champion Their Own Growth

Starting from scratch the easy way

With a number of lucrative contracts and tenders in the pipeline, 460degrees needed an integrated ISO management system to ensure success in a competitive environment.

An Expert Management Agency inspired by personal development and business transformation, 460degrees values sophisticated skills and individuality. Forging a new approach to complex business and technology solutions since 2006, 460degrees are specialists in project management, technical consulting, business analysis, test management, training management and site planning. So, when it came to championing the best people to deliver their ISO compliance, 460degrees turned to Integrated Compliance Solutions (ICS) for both industry knowledge and experience.

Business Support Manager Pam Dennis, led 460degrees’ path towards compliance. “It was tough to start from a position of having no processes in place, but once we got going, it didn’t look nearly as daunting.”

Starting with a comprehensive gap assessment of ISO 9001, AS/NZS 4801 and ISO 14001, ICS was able to establish 460degrees’ existing areas of compliance to the standards, limit reinvention, and bring focus to the changes and documentation required to get them certified. With the aim of developing a lean, low document solution, ICS integrated all three systems, giving 460degrees a single, efficient management system that could develop and grow as they did. “The management systems ICS developed for us are so easy to maintain they’ve become a part of our normal work life.”

Staying on track for the long term

Working alongside 460degrees’ management and operations team, ICS’s expert industry consultant Paul Lanagan worked with a sole objective – giving 460degrees a failsafe accreditation strategy and system that they could rely on for the long term. After achieving ISO certification in 2010, ICS has continued to work with the 460degrees operations team to conduct regular internal audits, implement necessary quality, safety and environmental requirements, and maintain an efficient accreditation program as their business has expanded.

ICS was instrumental in our accreditation, and their ongoing relationship with us means we’re still on track several years in the future.

Expanding Business, Growing Results

Joining forces in 2016, Chartermason and Certatech became first a part of the CMC Group and together have since rebranded as 460degrees – a diverse professional services group specialising in project execution, consulting and business transformation. Driven by a committed management team, Integrated Compliance Solutions’ compliance experience ensures that every part of the new business is certified to the standards that have driven business success.

ICS gave us a roadmap for tackling the Quality, Safety and Environmental issues that are imperative to both our business model and success. Accreditation is now just a part of what we do – giving us confidence to grow into new markets and opportunities.

The Impact Of ISO Certfication

  • ISO Certification has seen 460degrees win lucrative contracts
  • Provided invaluable business process structure and a pathway for ongoing system maintenance
  • Significant business growth due to tenders won on the back of ISO certification
  • Continuous improvement culture
  • Customers can rely on every job being of the same great standard
  • Continue to see benefit of ICS’s external perspective and industry experience.
  • The Management System adds to the IP of the business
  • More business time spent on other needs

Client:   460degrees
460 Degrees

Head of Marketing and Communications:
– Candace Brereton

Location: Melbourne

460degrees is an Expert Management Agency in the fields of Business and Technology (IT&T). Distancing itself from the structure of traditional consultancies, the organisation prides itself on not only an inclusive culture, but also training and development amongst teams.