Industry Specific Integrated Management Systems

Are you missing out on tenders?
Are you keen to get more government or large commercial contracts?
Are you being held back from the growth you need?


Effortless Compliance to your Industry’s required Standards.

Experts in compliance, we’ve developed a simple, cost effective way for businesses operating in a number of industry sectors to get, and stay compliant.

Working closely with regulatory authorities and peak industry bodies, we’ve developed a comprehensive, cloud-based, industry specific compliance package that enables you to automate your tender, registration, licensing, certification (accreditation) requirements in one convenient paper-less system.

Using industry experts and insights, we’ve removed the pain and administrative burden from getting compliant with our no-fuss, cloud-based, end-to-end compliance solution package. From a ground-up gap assessment, to development, maintenance and internal audits – our package solutions offer total peace of mind and a winning edge for your business.

Getting a winning edge over the competition is easier than you think.

Industry-specific IMS are customised to meet the unique needs, regulations, and standards of a particular industry, ensuring compliance, optimised processes, and specialised features that generic or template-based systems often lack.

These tailored systems enhance data tracking, streamline operations, and provide scalability and flexibility, giving companies a competitive edge while minimising the risk of errors and easing adoption into existing workflows.

With systems designed to meet their unique requirements, you can improve efficiency, productivity, and overall business performance within your specific industry.

Designed for organisations that want to build compliance integrity quickly and efficiently, our industry specific compliance packages dramatically multiply your chance of consistently winning lucrative government and large corporate contracts through:

  • Demonstrating your commitment to environment, health & safety, risk, and quality management.
  • Improving the reliability and efficiency of your business systems, reporting and communication.
  • Demonstrating adherence to your customer’s systems and compliance requirements.

Our EXCLUSIVE Industry Management Package:

  • Delivers certification to relevant ISO standards
  • Gets you certified in 60* days
  • Lets you tender for government and commercial contracts
  • Is fully customised to your business needs
  • Includes all SOP’s & legal requirements
  • Provides discounted rates on certification so you can submit tenders sooner

*Assumes prompt completion of tasks required for certification by client.

Cloud-based Integrated Management System – one platform for all your Industry compliance needs.

Our no-fuss, cloud-based, end-to-end compliance solution packages offer a simplified way to demonstrate and meet your compliance requirements.

  • ISO compliant
    All workflows and documents are fully compliant withISO Standards, including ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment), ISO 45001 (OHS), and ISO 27001 (Info Security)
  • Incident & Action System
    Pre-designed incident system with actions, workflows, investigations and findings.
  • Risk Management
    With industry-specific risk matrixes, enterprise, project and operational risk management is efficient and easy.
  • Audit, Inspection & Observation
    Industry-specific audit, inspection and observation forms and checklists, ratings, scoring, non-conformance and corrective actions.
  • Asset Management
    Store plant and equipment registers in one place with easily accessible maintenance and calibration schedules and inspection records.
  • Contractor, Employee & Supplier Management
    Generate individual portals for contractors and suppliers to self-manage and upload documents, insurances, and have them complete actions, checklists and inductions online.
  • Training & e-Learning Management
    Manage courses, training needs analysis, training requests and approvals and create e-Learning systems for inductions and competency assessments.
  • Meeting Management
    Manage meetings, agendas, minutes and attendees and assign actions straight from meeting records, accessed and signed by your team working remotely.
  • Compliance Management
    Manage compliance and legal obligation registers, licence and permit renewals and automatically generate expiry date reminders and notifications.
  • Mobile
    Use web-based browsers on laptops or through a mobile app for iOS and Android devices.
  • Business Intelligence
    Business Intelligence systems, reports and dashboards designed specifically for your industry.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Systems:

  • Promote efficiency through replacement of unreliable manual and spreadsheet based workflows
  • Offer automated and robust processes
  • Promote collaboration to break down silos, improve risk visibility, reduce duplication and build a proactive approach across the business
  • Provide a framework to design, implement, maintain and improve policies and procedures to manage identified risks
  • Promote a continual improvement approach
  • Help you to systematically examine risks to your organisation
  • Provide a set of controls and measures for assessing success
  • Allow information sharing and form filling from/ to third-party contractors
  • Are mobile compatible and cloud-based ensuring data is captured only once
  • Offer fully automated reporting for routine and exception events

About Integrated Compliance Solutions

Since 2007 Integrated Compliance Solutions has been bringing lean, value-adding, low documentation, tender and compliance solutions to businesses around Australia.

Making it easy for SME’s to get and stay compliant and competitive, we provide tender alerts, advice, support and industry-specific and customised ISO compliance solutions.

Founded by Heather Bienefelt, the Integrated Compliance Solutions team draws on over 150 years of collective experience and now covers all aspects of compliance, including ISO, AS, TS, OHS and more.

With experience across most industries, our consultants will help identify what you need, develop a plan to get you there, and support you in achieving your goals.

Our consultants -with backgrounds in education, law, business, management, manufacturing, trades, mining, construction, engineering, technology, science and more – are determined to add value to your bottom line.

The values at the foundation of our business:

  • We believe in serving and supporting our clients, consultants, staff and stakeholders;
  • We conduct ourselves ethically at all times;
  • We believe in practicing excellence in all areas of our business;
  • We advocate a positive culture focused on cultivating strengths and finding solutions;
  • We aim to reduce complexity through integrated, efficient, effective systems;
  • We are dedicated to innovation, learning and the sharing of knowledge;
  • We believe in continuous improvement and productivity in terms of both business and personal growth;
  • We believe in acting in a socially conscious manner, that involves fostering dignity, equality and respect.

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