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Construct Traffic

Industry: Traffic Management, Utilities, Rail

ICS’s Involvement: ISO 9001 (Quality), Vic Roads prequalification (OHS), Avetta prequalification, AS/NZS 4801 (Occupational Health and Safety) and ISO 14001 (Environmental) system design, implementation and internal audits in preparation for external certification.

Partnering With ICS Put Construct Traffic On Track For Success

Partnering for the journey

A leader in Melbourne’s traffic control and work zone safety scene, Construct Traffic have been providing safe roadways and job sites for over 10 years. With growth on their agenda and a desire to make applying for tender work easier, Director, Laresa Bassi, initially approached ICS for ISO 9001 certification. In a partnership that began back in 2012, ICS has taken a four-year journey with Construct Traffic from small contract management to government and corporate player.

Motivated by the need to make the tender application process easier, Laresa knew that ISO 9001 certification could save the business time and money. “We were addressing a massive amount of questions for every tender, when we could have just been ticking a box to confirm we were compliant – so it seemed like a logical next step for our business.”

But keen to keep their hands on the reigns of their own systems and growth, Construct Traffic started slowly.

“We wanted to partner with a provider who was willing to work with us, and train us, so we had ownership of our systems.”

Tailoring a program over a number of years, ICS gradually added requirements based on Construct Traffic’s needs and budget. “ICS’s staged approach worked really well for us. The project timing was perfect as we just wouldn’t have been ready earlier.”

On the track to success

Starting with an assessment of Construct Traffic’s certification needs, ICS developed an action plan that confirmed that much of what was needed was already in place. Resourcing many of the identified requirements themselves, Laresa and her team were able to chip away at their plan with only remote assistance from ICS. “It probably took us longer, but our approach allowed us to manage the pace of change for our people and practices.”

Following a successful compliance audit coordinated by ICS, Construct Traffic felt ready for certification. “We had our heads in the space by then, so when we were required to get Vic Roads pre-qualification to be eligible for their jobs, we were really ready to move on it.”

After identifying gaps in their existing OHS system, Laresa approached ICS to conduct a gap assessment against Vic Roads’ requirements and develop a certification action plan. “It really couldn’t have been easier, ICS helped us work through all the requirements, arranged for a registered Vic Roads auditor to check our systems, and got the certificate we needed off to Vic Roads.”

Able to tender for work previously out of their reach, Construct Traffic responded to an expression of interest with Metro Trains in 2014. Requiring PICS pre-qualification, Laresa again turned to ICS.

We knew ICS had a consultant with expertise in the rail transport industry, so calling on them to identify gaps in our systems made the task easy.

After a series of unsuccessful tender submissions, Construct traffic were keen to ensure an important Metro Trains pitch didn’t fail. ICS connected Construct Traffic with a tender consulting firm to review their approach. Establishing what let them down, Construct Traffic was able to rewrite their submission and win a major contract with Metro Trains. “That success really opened the door for us, and our business has doubled in size in the last three years.”

With that growth and a number of larger contracts on their books, Laresa and her team were ready to tackle certification in all the standards. “Naturally we went back ICS, and over a period of 18 months, they worked with our staff to achieve triple certification with DLCSI to Quality, Environment and OHS.”

Certification delivers a winning edge over competitors

While certification has delivered tangible cost and time savings on producing winning tenders, it’s Construct Traffic’s confidence in their own business and its systems that has added the real value.

Even without certification, partnering with ICS has improved our business, given us the knowledge to embrace new technologies, and allowed us to be more responsive, reliable and communicative than many of our competitors.

Laresa Bassi, Construct Traffic

We had a requirement to go through a prequalification process with PICS to approve us to work with the Metro Trains Group in Melbourne. As we looked into the process it became clear that this was going to be quite a time consuming task. We contacted ICS to perform this service for us. This turned out to be a very successful process. It was very straightforward. ICS did all the ground work and liaised with us for information that we needed to provide. Their help took a lot off my plate at a very busy time. Next time it’s going to be even easier because ICS has prepared everything. We are now compliant and as a result we have also been invited to submit a tender for upcoming works. Since then, we have also been able to easily comply with two more prequalification systems as a result because all the documentation was in place. I worked with Marina from ICS on this project. Marina was very professional in her approach both to PICS and ourselves and we found her very easy to communicate with. Using this service certainly made my life much easier!

Laresa Bassi,
- Construct Traffic
(Trades & Services)

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Laresa Bassi,
- Construct Traffic
(Trades & Services)


The Impact Of ISO Certfication

  • 50% business growth due to tenders won on the back of ISO certification
  • Successful certification to ISO 9001, Vic Roads, Avetta and triple certification with DLCSI to Quality, Environment and OHS
  • More responsive, reliable business systems

Client:   Construct Traffic
Construct Traffic

– Laresa Bassi

Location: Melbourne

Construct Traffic Crews work around Melbourne and regional areas to provide a safe work environment to large Utility Companies, including Electricity, Water and Gas distribution networks as well as the Rail industry. Our Operations team is highly experienced in Utilities Support and working on Rail infrastructure projects and would be happy to discuss your specific requirements. We also now operate in Brisbane and across Queensland.
Our Traffic Management Crews are often faced with a requirement for emergency-response, and we pride ourselves on being able to deliver a quality service in the shortest possible time frame.