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– Understand and Meet VicRoads Specifications

What is VicRoads Pre-Qualification?

Contractors who intend to work with VicRoads on projects of a significant financial value must achieve prequalification. This involves:

  • Undergoing the prequalification process with VicRoads;
  • Having a VicRoads audit completed by an approved auditor;
  • Providing all relevant paperwork;
  • Receiving your VicRoads certificate and being included on their Approved Suppliers list.

Under the VicRoads prequalification scheme, companies are certified according to their industry and work type. Each group is then further divided into subcategories based on their level of risk and specific areas of expertise.

Applicants will be provided with guidance information detailing the standards contractors must comply with to achieve prequalification and be eligible to work with VicRoads. To find out more, view our “Vic Roads Prequalification Scheme Information”.

Which VicRoads Pre-Qualification Approach is Right for Your Business?

While there are a series of VicRoads questionnaires and checklists available, gaining prequalification can be daunting and time consuming when you do not know where to start or whether you are on the right track.

There are five typical scenarios for companies, and we have designed our services around these needs.

Option 1:

Your situation: Urgent tender/ contract requirement.

We suggest: ICS Letter of Engagement.

Once you engage us to assist you, we can issue you with a “letter of engagement” that you can include with tenders. This shows that you have commenced the compliance process, and will give you leverage to be considered for tenders even if you have not achieved prequalification yet.

Option 2:

Your situation: You have some systems in place but do not know how well you comply with VicRoads specifications.

We suggest: VicRoads Gap Assessment Audit.

A gap assessment audit identifies your current level of compliance with VicRoads requirements, providing you with a clear action plan for addressing any gaps.

Our VicRoads consultant will spend one to one and a half days at your premises; depending on how many checklists you need to be audited against. During this time, they will assess the existing strengths of your system and measure your compliance with VicRoads contracts specifications and HSEQ checklists.

We document our findings on the VicRoads audit forms with detailed descriptions of what you need to do to be compliant in each area. Our consultant also goes through all the findings and actions on the day to educate you about what you can do yourself.

You can then choose to do everything yourself (with or without adhoc support from us) OR we can provide you with a fixed cost quote.

Option 3:

Your situation: You have no systems in place.

We suggest: Fixed Cost Support to get VicRoads qualified.

If you know that you have little or no systems in place to audit, completing a gap analysis would be a waste of time and money. In this scenario, you will need to set up your VicRoads compliant systems first.

At Integrated Compliance Solutions, we offer a “Fixed cost support” service where an experienced consultant will lead and develop your systems with your input, saving you time and money.

This assistance may take the form of face-to-face, email or phone support. The number of hours and, hence, the quote will depend on how many VicRoads checklists you need to comply with and to what level.

Option 4:

Your situation: You are almost there. You just need someone to audit you for the certificate.

We suggest: Getting a VicRoads Audit.

If you believe your VicRoads system is almost compliant, we can organise a registered VicRoads auditor to complete an assessment. If it turns out there are very few gaps, you can simply fix these after the audit and then receive a VicRoads certificate from our auditor that can be sent to VicRoads.

Here’s a sample Certificate of Audit:

If you happen to have more significant gaps, our experienced consultants can assist you in closing these.

Option 5:

Your situation: You already have a VicRoads certified system but need help to maintain it.

We suggest: ICS can help maintain your system as much or as little as you require.

Once your system has been operating for a specified time, you will need to conduct some internal audits to see how you are progressing. It is important to note that this is also one of the requirements of certification for VicRoads contracts.

If you find that you do not have the time or knowledge to do this in house, we can help. Our team has extensive experience auditing and maintaining systems, and can tailor our service to meet your business’ unique needs.

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