Experts in AS 9100 Management System Development, Maintenance and Certification

Here at Integrated Compliance Solutions, we specialise in developing and maintaining AS 9100 management systems for suppliers to the aerospace industry throughout Australia, with the purpose of helping them to achieve ISO certification and (IAQG) registration.

What is an AS9100 (AS 9001) management system?

  • AS9100 (AS 9001) is the quality standard for organisations that manufacture or provide manufacturing services to the aviation, space and defence industries
  • It provides the foundation for suppliers to develop a comprehensive system for providing safe and reliable products and services to the aerospace industry
  • The AS9100 standard also contains the requirements an organisation must be in compliance with to become AS9100 registered with the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG)
  • AS9100 also incorporates ISO 9001 requirements. This means your AS9100 system will also be an ISO9001 compliant system

How does AS9100 certification work?

  • For certification – an aerospace industry experienced auditor / consultant will conduct an AS9100 gap analysis of your current system of work against the standard requirements, to determine the level of conformity
    • The auditor will evaluate the evidence and determine the overall health of your system
    • The consultant can then help you fill the necessary gaps to meet the AS9100 requirements and the typical expectations of the industry
    • The consultant will provide certification support during the Stage 2 certification audit
  • For support – the aerospace industry experienced auditor will provide internal/supplier audit services or the consultant will maintain/recommend system activities
  • The objective is to measure the success of the organisation’s management system in terms of the following:
    • Customer focus
    • Leadership Engagement of people
    • Process approach
    • Evidence-based decision making
    • Relationship management

The Benefits of being an AS 9100 certified company

  • Licence to trade: When certified, register on the Online Aerospace Supplier Information System (OASIS) database. It is often a requirement of the aerospace industry that you have implemented a quality management system. It also independently demonstrates that you have an operating management system accepted by the aerospace sector
  • Encourages international growth and sales: The international nature of the standard allows for commonality throughout the industry, allowing opportunities for increased trade and co-operation overseas
  • Saves time: Potential reduction in second party system audits and in effect a reduction in costs to your organisation
  • Risk Management: Ensures compliance with a system supported by regulatory authorities that helps to mitigate your risks
  • Raises brand reputation: Your demonstration to a globally accepted quality standard elevates your understanding of quality requirements as an industry player
  • Reduces waste: By helping to improve processes and removing the unwanted variation in quality
  • Increases market opportunities: Helps to demonstrate excellent levels of traceability throughout the supply chain and remove uncertainty, encouraging clients to choose you over a competitor
  • Facilitates continual improvement: Regular assessment will ensure you continually use, monitor and improve your processes.

Need AS 9100 internal audits or maintenance?

  • Doing internal audits and maintaining your AS 9100 management system can be a strain on resources if you are a small to medium sized business and don’t have anyone internally who is trained in this area. Many businesses also see great benefit in getting an industry expert who can be a “fresh set of eyes” for their business and make improvements based on their industry experience via internal audits, risk assessments, site inspections and the like.
  • Integrated Compliance Solutions can help as little or as much as you need. From conducting 1-2 audits per year to acting as your interim AS9100 compliance manager and taking care of the majority of the work, we have a package to suit your needs.

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