Choosing AN ISO Consultant

Which ISO Consulting Provider Will be Best for Your Company?

Hi there.

So you have finally decided that you can’t put off getting ISO certification any longer and that you are going to need some help to get started.

But when you go to look for an ISO consultant, you realise you have no idea how to choose the best provider – and you’ve soon found out that the wrong choice has the potential to be very expensive….!

At ICS we have been around long enough to know that there are so many ISO consultants out there and prices, quality and type of service vary widely. It can be difficult to choose- especially if this is your first time going through this process. You may be wondering:

  • How do I know if the consultant is well-qualified for the job?
  • Am I going to finish the process and find the ISO consultant was not legitimate or didn’t offer what was required for successful certification?
  • Are they just going to hand me a heap of documents and then walk away and I will be left to make sense of it or are they going to support me on an ongoing basis?
  • Is going with the cheapest provider dangerous? What about the most expensive or the one in the middle?
  • Or simply, what does it all mean?? and would someone just give me some free advice please!

We sympathise! Which is why we have created this comparative chart/ questionnaire to help you decide what is important to your business and situation in choosing an ISO consultant and what questions you will need to ask to find out which providers are able to give that to you.

How to use the Questionnaire to Find the Best ISO Consultant for you:

First of all, download the article, look down the features on the left hand side and highlight the 10 or so most important features for you in an ISO consulting service and then go ahead and contact the providers you have found and ask the related questions (you may need to ask for evidence) to find out who can offer most of them for you. You can then easily compare one provider against another in relation to your chosen criteria and make the best choice.

We have completed the answers for us [ICS] but if you have questions, (I’d be surprised if you didn’t!) we are more than happy to have a chat with you. You will find us friendly, helpful and down-to-earth and we have a policy of not trying to sell you on the idea of certification or on our particular service. Certification is not for everyone and different companies have different needs– so ICS is not always the right choice either. We can also help you find more suitable options.

Please feel free to call us on 1300 132 745 or contact us anytime for some friendly, no obligation advice or information.

In the meantime, try out the questionnaire below. Good luck!

ISO consultant questionnaire download

“Click the download button above to download a pdf copy”