5 ways to market your ISO 27001 certification

If you’re an Australian business, there’s a 30% chance you’ll fall victim to a data breach.

In response to the escalating threat of data breaches, many companies are actively safeguarding their information security through measures like obtaining ISO 27001 certification. This certification reflects a commitment to strengthening information security management systems and improving risk management.

If your company has successfully achieved ISO 27001 compliance, to fully benefit from your investment and hard work, it’s crucial to showcase your ISO 27001 compliance in your marketing strategy.

Why marketing your ISO 27001 certification matters

Compliance serves as a powerful differentiator, and marketing your certification offers clear benefits to your business.

In a time where data breaches and cybersecurity threats are prevalent, showcasing your ISO 27001 certification sets you apart as a trustworthy and reliable entity. It signals to potential clients, partners, and stakeholders that you take data security seriously and have implemented robust measures to protect sensitive information. This can be particularly compelling for businesses operating in industries where data privacy and security are paramount, such as finance, healthcare, and technology.

In addition, marketing your ISO 27001 certification can enhance your brand reputation and credibility. By publicly announcing your compliance with this internationally recognised standard, you demonstrate your commitment to upholding the highest standards of information security. This transparency can instil confidence in your existing customer base and attract new customers who prioritise working with secure and compliant partners. It can also help foster trust and loyalty among stakeholders, as they perceive your organisation as proactive and responsible in safeguarding their data.

Moreover, marketing your certification can open up new business opportunities. Many government agencies, corporations, and organisations require their vendors and partners to adhere to strict security standards like ISO 27001. By promoting your certification, you increase your chances of winning contracts and partnerships with these entities, expanding your market reach and revenue potential. Additionally, it can serve as a valuable marketing tool when targeting international markets, where ISO standards are widely recognised and respected.

Marketing your ISO 27001 certification is not just about compliance – it’s about leveraging your commitment to information security as a strategic asset to drive growth and success in today’s digital economy.

Here are five practical ways to highlight your ISO 27001 compliance and maximise its marketing potential.

How to showcase your ISO 27001 certification

1. Display the ISO 27001 certification certificate and logo

To effectively showcase your ISO 27001 compliance, ensure the certification certificate and logo are prominently displayed across various platforms.

While you may have already displayed the ISO 27001 certified certificate or logo in your reception area, consider also adding it to signage, uniforms, exhibition stands, corporate vehicles, and staff badges.

In addition, you could integrate it into other printed and digital materials, including letterheads, business cards, flyers, handouts, tender applications, downloadable guides, proposals, social media cover photos, presentations, brochures, email newsletters, and employee email signatures.

This comprehensive approach reinforces your commitment to data security and consistently communicates your certified status to clients, partners, and stakeholders across physical and digital touchpoints.

When incorporating the certification mark into your marketing materials, make sure to follow the rules provided by the certification body. This includes using the complete name of your certification, ISO 27001:2022, and the logo or mark given to you without any alterations, as per their instructions and limitations.

Make it clear that the certification applies to your business management system, not your products, unless they are specifically certified. Avoid claiming certification for any part of your business system or products outside the scope of your actual certification.

2. Showcase ISO 27001 certification on your website

To effectively showcase your compliance on your website, start by prominently displaying the ISO 27001 certification logo on relevant pages. This instantly communicates to visitors that your company has met the stringent information security standard requirements.

In addition, consider creating a dedicated page on your website detailing your certification. Here, you can provide comprehensive information about the certification process, the measures you’ve implemented to ensure compliance, and your ongoing commitment to protecting sensitive information.

In your content, make sure to mention the benefits of ISO 27001 certification for customers, which include:

  1. Confidence in comprehensive security management: Customers can trust that your company has implemented a comprehensive information security management system meeting international standards. This proactive approach ensures the identification, evaluation, and effective management of information security risks to protect against breaches.
  2. Assurance of data handling: Customers can rest assured that their personal information, financial records, and other sensitive data are handled with appropriate care and security measures in place, safeguarding their privacy and confidentiality.
  3. Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements: ISO 27001 certification assures customers that your organisation complies with relevant information security legal requirements.
  4. Commitment to continual improvement: Customers can trust that your company prioritises continual improvement in information security practices. With ISO 27001 certification, you demonstrate a commitment to ongoing updates and enhancements, ensuring the latest measures are in place to protect against breaches and maintain data security.

By highlighting these benefits and transparently demonstrating your compliance and commitment to information security, you can improve your reputation, build greater trust, and establish credibility with both existing and potential customers.

This proactive approach not only differentiates your business from uncertified competitors but also strengthens your overall brand image in the eyes of your target audience by enhancing customer confidence in your ability to safeguard their data.

3. Use social media platforms to highlight your compliance

Leveraging social media platforms to highlight your ISO 27001 compliance allows you to reach a wide audience quickly and efficiently.

Social media platforms like LinkedIn have extensive user bases, providing you with the opportunity to showcase your commitment to information security to existing and potential customers, partners, and stakeholders.

Adding that you’re a certified company in your page description is a simple but effective way to highlight your certification.

In addition, social media platforms offer various formats for sharing information, such as posts and videos, allowing you to creatively showcase your compliance journey and its significance to your audience. From announcing your certification to providing a closer look at what compliance looks like at your company, there are plenty of ways to share impactful certification-related content on your socials.

For instance, you could create a post on what your ISO 27001 compliance means for customers, outlining how enhanced data security measures at your company protect their confidential information. Another post could provide insight into why certification is a priority for your business and the proactive steps you’re taking to maintain your compliance.

Overall, utilising social media platforms for marketing your ISO 27001 compliance is effective because it enables you to reach a large audience, communicate your commitment to data security, and engage with stakeholders in a meaningful way.

4. Promote your certification using digital channels

By embracing digital channels, you can effectively promote your ISO 27001 certification and reinforce trust with stakeholders.

Announcing your compliance in a blog post is a great place to start. Subsequently, craft compelling follow-up content that highlights the benefits of certification, such as informative blog posts and insightful case studies. These posts not only reinforce the importance of safeguarding sensitive information but also help differentiate your brand by showcasing your prioritisation of cybersecurity.

In addition, email marketing can amplify your message and help you reach a wider audience while promoting compliance as a key selling point for customers. Through personalised email campaigns and newsletters, you can engage directly with your audience, with content delivered straight into their inbox. Whether you update clients or prospects on your certified status, add the certification logo to your email template or do both, it’s a relatively quick but impactful way to keep contacts in the loop.

5. Announce your compliance with a press release

A well-crafted press release is a powerful platform to showcase your commitment to data security and compliance standards.

By distributing the press release to a diverse array of media outlets, you can reach a broad audience, including industry-specific publications, local newspapers, online platforms, and social media channels. This wide reach generates positive publicity for your organisation while enhancing brand awareness and credibility.

Moreover, a carefully constructed press release allows you to transparently detail the rigorous process undertaken to achieve ISO 27001 compliance, highlighting the dedication and investments made. By emphasising the tangible benefits, such as improved risk management, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance, you not only reassure existing customers but also have the chance to attract new ones who prioritise security-conscious partners.

Ultimately, announcing ISO 27001 compliance through a press release strengthens your reputation while also reinforcing customer trust and loyalty, solidifying your position as a trusted leader in data security within your industry.

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