Climate Change and ISO – recent ISO management system changes

Climate Change – recent ISO management system changes

Did you know that recently a load of ISO standards have been amended to include climate change elements?

Some of the ISO Certifications that have been changed include: ISO14001, ISO15378, ISO1943, and ISO 21001, ISO 22000, 22301, 28000, 29001, 37001, 45001, 50001, and ISO/IEC 27001.

These changes are requesting that you evaluate the extent to which climate change is relevant to the management of your company and any associated parties.

As a result, your management system may need to be adjusted.

If you’re management system is already ISO certified, you need to show evidence of your consideration of the relevance of climate change to your business.

Having the necessary structures in place to be climate-resilient is essential in the modern workplace and now ISO is being similarly adjusted.

If you could use some help understanding these changes, are unsure how to keep up with ISO amendments, or perhaps need some guidance on developing a management system ICS is able to help you. We can answer your questions, kickstart the development of your management system, or help you get your system transitioned to the cloud quickly and efficiently – as well as loads of other ISO related solutions.

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