Digital IMS+ brings simplification and automation to the world of architecture

Are your architecture firm’s processes the best they could be?

When systems are clunky and out-dated, this can hinder performance and unnecessarily waste time, money and resources.

Created by our talented software team, Digital IMS+ is a seamless, hassle-free and user-friendly solution for businesses looking to develop streamlined cloud-based systems.

The ultimate cloud-based compliance solution for architecture firms

Building robust but low-burden systems and procedures for your architecture firm may seem intimidating at first. With so many moving parts to consider, you need a solution that’s not only incredibly thorough but also simple to use and maintain.

Another challenge is working out how compliance fits into everything else you’re doing, whether you’re managing legislative requirements or going the extra mile with ISO certification to one or more standards.

Digital IMS+ was developed to make the introduction and maintenance of lean systems far less overwhelming and confusing. Designed inside of the ultra user-friendly Work OS “” it’s simple to utilise but highly effective.

With Digital IMS+, architects can enjoy a fully customised cloud-based compliance package that’s unique and tailored to their specific needs.

Our team doesn’t use generic templates. We work with what you already have in place and link the platforms you’re using together. Doing this helps us implement a solution that makes sense for your business context and requirements, so that the system you’re left with doesn’t just work – it works for you.

All processes, documentation and forms are built into one convenient paperless system. There’s less document duplication, repetitive day-to-day workflows can be automated, all data is stored safely and securely in the cloud and staff can access business documents whether they’re in the office, working from home or on-site.

In addition, once your cloud-based compliance is up and running it can be easily used and adapted over time. As your architecture firm grows or downsizes, your cloud-based systems grow or downsize with you.

Architects can also ensure compliance is a priority across all processes. Achieve and maintain ISO compliance, seamlessly integrate multiple ISO standards and satisfy regulatory requirements – Digital IMS+ supports all of this and more.

Why Digital IMS+ for architects

1. Automate workflows

How much time do your employees spend on administrative, repetitive tasks? If staff are getting bogged down in cumbersome work, this takes their time away from other areas of the business, which could hinder your growth over time.

With Digital IMS+ architects can automate workflows, freeing up more time for employees to focus on meaningful tasks that will advance the business.

The user-friendly platform makes it possible to seamlessly automate reporting. Data entry errors can be avoided, all while your architecture firm benefits from ready access to detailed and insightful reports.

Digital IMS+ eliminates the need for manual and spreadsheet-based workflows. Instead, every aspect of your business can be monitored and managed in real-time without the administrative burden of data entry on employees.

2. System simplification

Making your architecture firm’s processes simpler and more seamless to manage is a great goal to have – it’s a goal that many businesses work towards. But often, figuring out how best to get there is where companies find themselves stumped.

Digital IMS+ helps you streamline your complex business processes into one fuss-free system that can be managed with greater ease.

By simplifying systems there’s less duplication. This comes in particularly handy when you’re managing compliance, such as with ISO standards. With standards like these, there can be some overlap with the certification requirements. Instead of completing documentation over and over again, you can save resources and time by avoiding unnecessary duplication.

Another benefit is that when there are inevitable changes over time, documents can be seamlessly and quickly amended. This removes confusing or misleading inconsistencies across documentation, such as if one spreadsheet is updated but another isn’t. You know that the information you’re looking at is the latest version.

Need to find information fast? With Digital IMS+ you can quickly and easily search for the information and data you need, rather than having to click around and hope you find what you’re searching for.

This information can be accessed from wherever employees are logging on, which is becoming increasingly important amidst the rise in flexible work. Whether employees are in the office, on-site or working remotely, they have access to the documents and data they need. By supporting remote and hybrid work models employers can not only save on office costs but also improve staff satisfaction, which helps architects attract and retain skilled employees.

Moreover, the agility and flexibly Digital IMS+ affords architecture firms supports greater adaptability. As your business changes, your systems change with you. There’s no paying for idle infrastructure – the systems are a reflection of your specific requirements at a given point in time.

With highly efficient systems, your architecture firm would also be well positioned to impress clients and prospective clients.

3. Increase project profitability

Digital IMS+ is a reliable option for architecture firms. Employees spend less time troubleshooting technical issues or waiting for assistance from IT staff and avoid getting slowed down by complicated systems that are difficult to use.

The outcome of this is greater productivity and fewer costly hold-ups.

With Digital IMS+ information is stored securely in the cloud and systems can be easily scaled up or down, reducing the costs associated with idle infrastructure.

As systems can be automated, there’s less human error and expensive mistakes are few and far between.

By implementing a comprehensive and proactive approach to compliance, firms are also far less likely to be hit with costly fines for legislation breaches.

Thus, with Digital IMS+ architecture firms can increase profitability while still maintaining the same high-quality service that clients know and love.

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