How to convince your boss to invest in cloud-based systems

Cloud-based systems provide a practical solution for optimising and streamlining your organisation’s processes. This makes life easier for employees like yourself by alleviating clunky and inefficient procedures, which can help improve business outcomes.

While cloud-based systems could make a real difference in your workplace, change can be difficult to bring about in a corporate setting, as it’s not uncommon for people to become accustomed to their familiar ways of doing things.

When business processes have been in place for some time, there can be some resistance to change. In an ever-evolving business landscape, remaining adaptable and responsive to new opportunities and technologies is imperative – which is where compliance software becomes a real game changer.

If you’ve recognised this but aren’t sure how to get your boss on board; to instil change, you’ll need to make a compelling and convincing business case. A core aspect of this is helping them understand why cloud-based systems are a solid investment for them and the company.

Save money with cloud-based systems

Cloud-based systems are streamlined, lean and scalable, which makes them easier and less costly to maintain over time. This has been seen time and time again by organisations, with 88% of cloud users experiencing cost savings.

With compliance software, you aren’t paying for idle infrastructure. Because the systems are adaptable to your company’s circumstances, you only pay for what you need and will actually use.

Cloud software is also fast and accurate, so employees encounter less costly delays and human error while completing their day-to-day tasks. Companies can support their employees in being productive, as they’re spending far less time troubleshooting technical issues or waiting for assistance from IT staff.

Information that’s stored in the cloud is readily accessible to employees wherever they may be working from, which has obviously become even more important in the current post-pandemic climate. Almost two-thirds of Australian employees want a hybrid working model. In the months and years to come, many employers will need to ensure their systems are set up in a way that supports staff in working flexibly – and cloud based management systems can do just that.

89% of companies also report better retention rates because of their flexible work options. This means that by making remote work easier for staff, businesses can attract and retain skilled employees, all the while saving on costs associated with staff turnover. Moreover, with more staff working remotely, companies can rent or buy smaller workspaces, helping them enjoy even more cost savings.

Improve your business’ agility and flexibility

When it comes to maintaining your company’s longevity, your boss is likely well aware of just how important it is to adapt and evolve over time. If your business’ systems are rigid and paper-based, adjusting processes as required will be all the more challenging.

Cloud-based systems give organisations the ability to make system-wide updates and changes quickly and easily, so management can maintain and refine systems in a highly volatile business landscape. Courtesy of the cloud, this is achievable without the need for staff to take on the burden of repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

As your business’ needs change, systems can also be scaled quickly (both up and down). For instance, if your organisation expands the scope of its operations, processes can be easily adjusted and communicated to reflect this, making the transition process far more seamless for management, staff and customers or clients.

Recently, we’ve seen first-hand how a company’s disaster recovery capabilities and response times can have a significant impact on its ongoing viability and competitiveness. Cloud-based systems help organisations ensure they’re well equipped to manage and respond to the challenges thrown at them, as strong systems are underpinning everything they do.

Your boss’ investment in compliance software also gives them the peace of mind that comes with knowing all company data will be securely backed up offsite, both effectively and affordably. This means in the event of a disaster, your company’s important and/or confidential data won’t be lost.

Support business growth with greater data insights

A core benefit of cloud-based systems is that they offer greater data accessibility. This gives businesses the means to proactively plan for future success and drive continued growth by leveraging up-to-date insights.

48% of business leaders say that moving to a cloud model helps them leverage deeper insights from data and enable faster innovation.

With compliance software, company data is all in one place, which makes it easier to collect, store, access and compare. This, paired with real-time reporting, ensures that employees have access to the data they need when they need it.

For more information on cloud-based systems or if this article has brought up any queries, get in touch with our team of ISO consultants.

We have expertise across a wide range of industries developing lean, low burden systems complying with ISO standards such as ISO 9001ISO 45001ISO 14001ISO 27001 and ISO 55001.

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    There is a myriad of cloud-based software that provides better customer services through CRM if a business activates a call centre. Financial management software via cloud computing systems allow workforce and asset costs to be handled efficiently and effectively. There are many interesting tools such as workforce scheduling software which allows the company to schedule the right person for the right job at the right time.

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