Tender Submissions – Don’t Forget ISO Certification!

Tender ISO Certification

Hey there! Are you submitting for tenders at the moment, or have noticed a rising demand for tenders requiring ISO certification?

Or maybe you’re encountering some puzzling questions along the way?

Don’t overlook the importance of having ISO certification in your submission – not only is it something that you can show off, it will also streamline your process and make it smoother to manage and submit for future tenders!

ICS can help you get tender-ready with round the clock support from our in-house team, and substantial experience in many different industries. We’ll also be able to provide a letter of engagement which will allow you to submit for tenders without having a finished system in place.

Developing ISO compliant management systems is our bread and butter and getting you ISO compliant, transitioning to the cloud, or assisting with audits & gap assessments are just a few of things we can do quickly, without fuss.

We’re here to answer any and all your questions, whether it’s a system from scratch, a simple adjustment or a total overhaul of your management system – we’ve got an extensive understanding of ISO at the ready to make your tender submissions simple and effective.

Get in touch via our website: ICSConsulting.com.au or call 1300 132 745.

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