The top 10 ways to market your ISO certification

Congratulations ! If you have gained your ISO certification, you have reached an internationally recognised standard of excellence- no mean feat. However, are you really getting the full marketing potential out of all your investment and hard work? You have the edge over un-certified businesses, so the promotion of your certification status should be a key part of your marketing strategy.

The key to getting the best marketing ROI from your certification is both visibility and helping your clients understand the significance of the certification you have gained and how it will benefit them. If all you’ve done so far is hang the certificate on the wall and use the logo on your marketing materials, you are really missing out.
But I have great news for you. You can get SO much more leverage out of your certification by implementing a few simple strategies. And don’t worry that you got your certification years ago. All of the strategies I am about to show you can be implemented either right now or directly after any certification audit and will increase the marketing benefit you receive many times over.

Here are my top 10 tips for getting the full marketing potential out of your certification.

The Usual Suspects:- You should be doing these as a MINIMUM

  1. Display the certificate: Most organisations know to hang their certification in the reception area or add it to their signage on the building. However, an underused and powerful strategy is to exhibit the certification mark on uniforms, exhibition stands or your corporate vehicles. You can encourage your sales staff to carry the certificate in their portfolio and add the logo to their name badges.
  2. Use the logo offline: This is the second most common strategy companies use. However, also consider putting the certification mark on ALL your printed materials such as letterheads , stationary, business cards, flyers, handouts and other literature.
  3. Use the logo online: Similarly, it makes sense to include the certification mark on the home page of your website at the very least. You can also add it to your website headers, digital banners and downloadable materials.
    Just a note of caution: before you rush off and start adding the certification mark everywhere, remember that there are specific rules regarding its use- stipulated by the certification body. Using it incorrectly is an offence. For example:
    • Use the complete name of your certification, such as ISO 9001:2015
    • Some certification bodies also require you to include your certification number on the logo.
    • Use the logo or mark that your certification body has given you, and according to its instructions and limitations and don’t make any alterations.
    • Be clear that the certification applies to your business management system, NOT your products unless they have been specifically certified.
    • Do not claim certification for any part of your business system or products outside the scope of your actual certification.
  4. Company description: Include the mark as part of your company description in materials such as tender documents. Be sure to include a statement about your certification, the standards you have achieved and list the benefits for your potential clients.Now to some other powerful and lesser known strategies….
  5. Email signatures: Usually overlooked, this little piece of prime real estate is begging for your attention. Your clients will read the signature so make sure it tells them you are certified. It really adds to your credibility.
  6. Press release: A press release is a very powerful and little used tool for promoting your business. By writing a short description of the process you went through and all the benefits you are now able to offer customers as a result, you can raise your profile dramatically and gain exposure to new customers with very little effort.
    Write a press release and send it to your local papers and industry magazines and industry bodies. You can even promote your press release online through a media distribution channel like PRWire. Click here if you would like a free press release template. If you are interested in doing this and/ or any of these other strategies but don’t know where to start, you may be interested in our “Best choice certification marketing” service.
  7. Blog: Create a blog post celebrating your certification. Explain what it actually means and what standards your business has met in order to qualify. Include the certification symbol so your clients learn to recognise it. Above all, explain how it affects the way you care for your clients – what’s in it for them.
  8. Newsletter: Successful certification is a wonderful piece of news to share with your readers. They subscribe because they are already interested in what you offer. Your ISO certification might be all they need to see to convert them from readers into clients.
  9. Social media: A tweet here and a post there… Use every platform you have to spread the word. Social media is a great place to start because your message can be easily read and shared by your clients. It’s a simple way to share such important news.
  10. The most important thing to do is to tell people about this great achievement and teach them why and how it is going to benefit them. That’s what will encourage them to choose your business over another.

Achieving ISO certification is impressive. Make the most of it.

ICS “Best choice certification marketing” service

If you are interested in some or all of the above strategies but not sure where to start or if you are time-poor, you may want to consider our *NEW* “Best choice certification marketing” service.

What you get :

  • Your email signature set up with your certification mark and any social media buttons etc
  • A customised press release written for you (including a case study ) and posted on the highest traffic online press release websites.
  • We create you a blog post and extract several social media posts for you to tweet or include on your facebook page etc
  • We write an executive summary to include with all your future tender documents.
  • We can even create a page for your website and include the mark on your documents.

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