BSCAA Infectious Cleaning Course: What You Need to Know

The Building Service Contractors Association of Australia (BSCAA) is offering a modified Clinical Cleaning course, which can be very beneficial for those looking to improve their existing cleaning procedures.

Course Overview

This course focuses on infectious cleaning, which has become all the more relevant in recent times due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The course is completed online and allows users to progress through each of the nine sections at their own pace, ensuring their training is thorough, rather than rushed. These sections are:

  • Section 1: Role of Cleaning in Controlling Infections
  • Section 2: Infection Control and the Environment
  • Section 3: Infection Prevention and Control
  • Section 4: Chemicals and Equipment
  • Section 5: Cleaning Techniques
  • Section 6: Cleaning Schedule (Risk-Based Approach)
  • Section 7: Examples of Cleaning Procedures (Healthcare)
  • Section 8: Handle and Dispose of Clinical Waste
  • Section 9: Maintain and Store Cleaning Equipment

Completing this course will assist you in getting your cleaning staff up-to-date on the relevant requirements and protocols that apply to them. By ensuring your employees are well-informed, your company can make sure that staff members are equipped with the knowledge required to mitigate and minimise the risks posed by COVID-19.

Why Should You and/or Your Staff Complete this Course?

Contamination can happen all too quickly; it’s as simple as an infected person coughing or sneezing, or even just touching a certain surface.

Maintaining compliance with the appropriate level of cleaning standards is vital in containing community transmission of coronavirus. It’s the responsibility of commercial cleaning companies to implement sufficient cleaning and infection control procedures and, ultimately, this course can help get you well on the way to doing just that.

For more information or to purchase this Clinical Cleaning course, visit the BSCAA website.

How Can We Help Your Cleaning Company?

At Integrated Compliance Solutions, our consultants have extensive experience helping cleaning companies achieve compliance with a given standard or set of standards.

How compliant are your cleaning business’ existing systems, given the current, ever-changing requirements? Find out with our industry-specific COVID-19 Gap Analysis, which has been specifically designed for cleaning companies. We’re currently offering remote consulting for this service, catering to the existing business climate.

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