– COVID-19 Gap Analysis for the Cleaning Sector

ICS is now offering remote consulting for this service. If your team are working from home or regionally, we can assist you in conducting remote audits and developing your systems online. Contact us for more information. 

Does Your Cleaning Business Need a COVID-19 Gap Analysis?

A gap analysis determines the extent to which a business complies with a particular standard or standards, identifies existing gaps to reach compliance and ideally provides a detailed action plan for filling any gaps identified. 

How prepared is your cleaning company for COVID-19 and the new requirements this pandemic creates? What is missing from your systems that might reduce your compliance with standards or impact your ability to win tenders in a post-pandemic world? What is needed to fill these gaps efficiently and effectively? These are questions only a professional system gap analysis can answer. 


Our unique system gap analysis process involves a review of all your existing documentation and processes. We then document our findings in a gap assessment matrix, identify your level of compliance and establish exactly what needs to be done in your specific circumstances to rectify any gaps. 


Identifying the gaps is only the first step in the process. Our service includes developing a detailed action plan to incorporate the new requirements into each relevant document of your system. 


You can then take the report and DIY the changes required 


We can support you if needed by amending your systems for you, training you in the requirements and helping you develop practical strategies for future compliance and success. 

Does your business need a COVID-19 gap analysis? Contact us today for more information about our Australia-wide service.

Guide to Cleaning for COVID-19

As part of our service, you will receive your own copy of  the Guide to Cleaning for COVID-19 written by industry expert Bridget Gardner, Director of HPC Solutions, and endorsed by industry association BSCAA. This comprehensive, 46-page reference guide covers the risks and strategies for preventative and decontamination cleaning during a pandemic and is the only guide of its type in Australia. 

The guide (which is regularly updated to incorporate all the latest science and recommendations from government and industry bodies) eliminates the confusion arising from conflicting advice circulating in the market about preventing and killing the virus; giving you simple, accurate and ready-to-action information; and supporting you with a pack of 5 customisable operational templates including SOPs and HTP worksheet. 

As part of our Gap Analysis Service of coronavirus and pandemic requirements, Integrated Compliance Solutions assesses your systems against all the requirements in the Guide to Cleaning for COVID-19 and provides you with a detailed action plan to incorporate the new requirements into your systems. 

Need COVID-19 Requirements Incorporated Into Your Existing Systems Urgently?

Incorporating new COVID-19 requirements into your existing systems does not have to be complicated or time consuming. In fact, with the assistance of Integrated Compliance Solutions, this process is not only quick and seamless but also affordable. 

We will assign your business an experienced consultant who understands the cleaning industry. The gap analysis process can be completed in 48 hours and, depending on the amount of documentation to be amended, can be completed in under a week leaving you free to concentrate on meeting your customers’ requirements. You will also be able to generate new opportunities on a secure foundation where your business can satisfy customer expectations around compliance with new COVID-19 requirements. 

For more information about our Australia-wide service, download our COVID-19 Cleaning Information sheet or, alternatively, get in touch with our team today.


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