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Do you operate a business in the cleaning industry?

Are you missing out on tenders?

Are you keen to get more government or large commercial contracts?

Are you being held back from the growth you need?

Integrated Compliance Solutions – The Cleaning Industry IMS Experts

At Integrated Compliance Solutions, our consultants have the expertise and experience required to help you achieve certification success. We are dedicated to providing those operating within the cleaning sector with simple, cost-effective compliance solutions that they can rely on.

Working cooperatively with regulatory authorities and leading industry bodies, we have created a comprehensive compliance package for businesses in the cleaning sector. This gives your company the opportunity to refine processes and improve efficiencies organisation-wide.

With our exclusive Cleaning Industry Management Package, you can:

  • Achieve compliance with relevant ISO standards;
  • Become certified in 60* days;
  • Tender for government and commercial contracts;
  • Implement management systems that are fully customised to your distinct business needs;
  • Ensure you are meeting legal requirements and following a clear standard operating procedure (SOP);
  • Access special discounted rates, so you can submit tenders sooner.

*Assumes prompt completion of tasks required for certification by client.

Getting a Winning Edge Over the Competition is Easier than you think

With specialist guidance from Integrated Compliance Solutions, you can take the difficulty out of becoming certified. Our knowledgeable consultants know what it takes to become compliant, providing you with valuable assistance every step of the way.

Build cleaning compliance integrity efficiently; without compromising on the quality of your management systems, and start securing more contracts today. With our management package for the cleaning sector, you can:

  • Improve the reliability and efficiency of your reporting, documentation and communication;
  • Ensure you adhere to your customer’s systems and compliance requirements.

We Make Getting Compliant to Your Industry’s Required Standards Easy

Implementing a high-quality, comprehensive integrated management system may seem overwhelming but, with Integrated Compliance Solutions, it does not have to be.

Compliance integrity is becoming increasingly important so, if you are yet to become certified, now is the time. Certification indicates to customers that your organisation is dedicated to delivering exceptional products or services, so that they can be confident in your brand’s capabilities.

Our compliance packages have been designed specifically for the cleaning sector and can help your business:

  • Achieve and clearly convey excellence in quality and safety, all while maintaining environmental consciousness;
  • Detail the requirements with which your employees need to comply, including their skills, knowledge, and code of conduct;
  • Prepare for the unexpected;
  • Identify, monitor and eliminate risks;
  • Build a strong organisational risk culture;
  • Meet regulatory compliance standards.

Our Cleaning Industry Compliance Packages Include:

1. ISO 45001 – Health & Safety

With most cleaning work taking place on sites that aren’t your own, it’s vital that you can demonstrate a robust health and safety management system that protects your employees and contractors. ISO 45001 ensures that you have processes in place to prevent accidents, meet your legal obligations and reassure your clients.

2. ISO 9001 – Quality

Bringing focus to continuous improvement and cost reduction, ISO 9001 demonstrates that you have strong and competent leadership, a winning team and a strong customer focus.

3. ISO 14001 – Environment

ISO 14001 helps you to evaluate the environmental effect of your products and activities and demonstrates your commitment to protecting the environment. With a focus on reducing waste, saving money and complying with environmental regulations; compliance to this standard forms an important part of your continuous improvement program.

Cloud-Based Cleaning Management System – One Platform For all Your Cleaning Industry Compliance Needs

Our management systems are cloud-based, providing businesses that operate in the cleaning sector with hassle-free, reliable compliance solutions. If you are looking for a simplified, systematic approach to achieving your compliance requirements, our Cleaning integrated management system is for you.

  • ISO Compliant

All business processes and documentation are compliant with quality, environment and health and safety standards.

  • Incident & Action System

Proactive systems and procedures are in place to pre-empt and address incidents.

  • Risk Management

Risk matrixes and comprehensive systems established to efficiently manage operational threats that directly apply to cleaning sector.

  • Audit, Inspection & Observation

Regular cleaning-specific auditing and assessment of processes, recorded using the appropriate documentation. This includes observation forms, checklists and ratings.

  • Asset Management

Store plant and equipment registers in an easily accessible, maintained and monitored environment.

  • Contractor, Employee & Supplier Management

Create individual portals so that contractors and suppliers can manage their documentation and complete actions, such as updating checklists, online.

  • Training & e-Learning Management

Develop online systems where courses can be managed, training can be facilitated and individuals can complete inductions and competency assessments.

  • Meeting Management

Manage online resources and ensure that important documentation, such as meeting agendas and minutes, are easy for your team to access.

  • Mobile

Integrate software, including Windows and iOS, which allows for employees to work offline.

  • Business Intelligence

Business intelligence systems that cater to the unique needs and demands of the cleaning sector.

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