Compliance Post Coronavirus: How Will Your Business Stack Up?

There is no doubt the coronavirus pandemic has made an immediate and substantial impact on the business world. The shockwaves have reverberated across just about every industry in Australia and right around the world. 

Nothing you do now will change the past few months, but everything you do in response to new COVID-19 requirements – and in preparation for the inevitable pandemic compliance requirements to come – will determine what your business looks like in the weeks, months and years ahead. This is not the time to wait and see what unfolds. 

Being proactive is the best way to safeguard the health of your business – at least this should be the attitude of any SME hoping to bounce back from this current crisis and reach its full potential once the dust settles on the post-pandemic landscape. 

New requirements, new approach

New standards, certifications and other requirements as well as opportunities will continue to emerge and evolve as the situation becomes clearer. In the meantime, SMEs must remain adaptable and be ready to demonstrate their COVID-19 policies and pandemic-ready capabilities – not only to meet these new requirements, but also to meet the increased expectations of governments and large corporate customers. 

For example, when government and commercial tenders are released there will undoubtedly be a mandatory requirement to demonstrate pandemic response. This means that in the near future your business will need to have implemented comprehensive pandemic response elements in all its policies, SOPs, risk assessments and more. 

Don’t feel ready for this “new normal”? A fresh approach to compliance and certification should now be your number one priority. 

Why your business needs a COVID-19 gap analysis

Unprecedented situations call for exceptional responses. In the COVID-19 reality, your business cannot hide behind outdated systems while your competitors take action. The new requirements call for an even greater commitment to compliance. 

For this reason, it is now highly advisable, if not absolutely essential, to undertake a COVID-19 gap analysis and/or pandemic policy gap analysis. This gap analysis will help you discover where your systems are falling short and ensure your business is able to meet the new requirements moving forward.  

Pandemic consultants for your Australian business

With Australian businesses responding as quickly and cost-effectively as possible to the massive shift in requirements and responsibilities caused by the coronavirus pandemic, it could be more advantageous than ever to seek the support and guidance of an experienced consultant who can help you reach the target quickly and efficiently with the reassurance that there are no requirements left unidentified.

At ICS Consulting, our specialist OHS consultants are qualified to review and amend your systems to incorporate these new requirements. We engage industry experts who can assess the various risks within your operations and recommend appropriate courses of action for compliance.  

We specialise in helping mature businesses Australia-wide to develop effective compliance systems and solutions, and now can help your business meet the requirements of a post-pandemic world. 

Learn more about our COVID-19 Gap Analysis Service to meet coronavirus and pandemic requirements.

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