– COVID-19 Gap Analysis for Australian Businesses

ICS is now offering remote consulting for this service. If your team are working from home or regionally, we can assist you in conducting remote audits and developing your systems online. Contact us for more information. 

The Impact of Coronavirus on Your Business

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent restrictions placed on all types of commercial operations across almost every sector in Australia, it is unlikely that your business or the wider industry you serve will ever be quite the same again. That said, a clear opportunity also exists for proactive and determined SMEs to emerge from this crisis in a position to not only survive, but thrive. For this to happen, planning and preparation for both the COVID-19 reality and the post-pandemic future must begin now. 

Is Your Business Ready to Meet the Requirements of COVID-19 and a Post-Pandemic Future?

To continue operating safely, successfully and in a compliant manner, all organisations in all industries must now be willing and able to meet new COVID-19/pandemic responsibilities and requirements. No exceptions will be made and few businesses will remain competitive if they fail to adapt. 

Government and commercial tenders will require mandatory evidence of a suitable pandemic response. Therefore, any business that hasn’t integrated comprehensive pandemic response elements in a new or updated Quality Management System will not be considered for major tenders and large corporate contracts. 

For a business to remain compliant to ISO standards, it will be obligatory to perform a specific and detailed COVID-19 risk assessment in new or updated systems reflecting the latest requirements. It will also be imperative to demonstrate how well your business is prepared for a future pandemic in its plans, policies and procedures.  

An ISO Certified business will need to incorporate COVID-19 requirements into:

  • Risk assessment documentation
  • Policies and procedures – including SWMS
  • Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Plan
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Emergency Management Plan
  • Current and future business decisions and actions 
  • And more- depending on your systems

Benefits of a COVID-19 Gap Analysis

An effective COVID-19 gap analysis will provide the tools to determine the extent to which your existing business systems comply with new pandemic response standards and requirements. The process will then identify the gaps to reach compliance and ideally deliver a detailed action plan for filling these gaps as soon as possible. 

How prepared is your organisation for COVID-19 and the new requirements this pandemic creates? What is missing from your systems that might reduce your compliance with standards or impact your ability to win tenders in a post-pandemic world? What is needed to fill these gaps efficiently and effectively? These are questions only a professional system gap analysis can answer. 

ICS Consulting COVID-19 Gap Analysis Services

At ICS Consulting, we will effectively deliver a gap analysis for your business against the new requirements in any specific industry. 

We can perform all key compliance actions including auditing your new or existing systems, writing up-to-date policies, SOPs and risk assessments, and implementing elite cloud-based systems designed to keep your business on track all fully customised to each individual industry. 


Our unique system gap analysis process involves a review of all your existing documentation and processes. We then document our findings in a gap assessment matrix, identify your level of compliance and establish exactly what needs to be done in your specific circumstances to rectify any gaps. 


Identifying the gaps is only the first step in the process. Our service includes developing a detailed action plan to incorporate the new requirements into each relevant document of your system. 


You can then take the report and DIY the changes required 


We can support you if needed by amending your systems for you, training you in the requirements and helping you develop practical strategies for future compliance and success. 

For more information about our Australia-wide service, download our COVID-19 Information Sheet or, alternatively, get in touch with our team today.


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